Monday, July 18, 2011

The Gary Harvey Case: Out of Sight Out of Mind

How long has it been since Gary Harvey fell down those basement stairs? How long has it been since he found himself vulnerable and fighting not only for life just because of his injuries, but fighting for life because the government officials and so-called ethic’s committees decided it was time to end his life by starving and dehydrating him to death? Just how long has it been and what has changed since the fight began all those years ago?

Some people have opened their eyes, started paying attention and have begun grasping the idea that something “ain’t” right here in the world of Gary Harvey and his so-called government protectors.

It doesn’t matter “why” Gary Harvey fell down those basement stairs. What does matter is what has transpired since then and whether he has had a true chance at recovery and comfort to whatever extent is possible rather than what has been assigned to him by those who really don’t have his best interest at heart.

Sara Harvey didn’t cut Gary’s trach tube as some try to suggest. She cut a fish line on a defective trach that the medical staff ignored and allowed to remain defective. They sure did get busy fixing what should have been fixed weeks before, while trying to shift all the blame on her though.

She didn’t follow medical advice? And this advice would be what advice and from whom and how guaranteed was the advice in the first place? Did the advice come from a “proven all-knowing never wrong source” or just some one that had an opinion on care options?

The guardian, county and hospital staff care about Gary more than Sara?

Why is she fighting for his life and they are fighting to either end it or to keep Gary in isolation, as no prisoner or animal is allowed to be kept?

If anyone thinks that Gary Harvey has been cared for in his best interest at the hands of the so-called ethics committee et al, then that someone needs to have a mental evaluation. His best interest was to be starved and dehydrated to death? His best interest is to live in isolation? And whose best interest will they decide on next? Yours or mine or our neighbor down the street?

It’s something we better be thinking about, since it certainly doesn’t seem like we have been thinking about Gary’s or those in situations such as his..

Next time, it could be our family member, or even us, that faces wrongful guardianship and death panels. It could be. Once set in motion — it’s hard to stop, but we can. Let’s stop it with Gary Harvey! Let’s bring him on home to where he wants to be! Let’s bring him on home to his wife!

The Gary Harvey Case: Out of Site Out of Mind

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barb said...

How awesome would it be if the people collaberating with this horrible injustice actually did the "right" thing?? It could produce a significant "ripple" effect for many others. The way that Sara has been treated and lied about is so horrific...if I have not witnessed the abuse perpetuated by "those with the power" in a first hand manner I would have dificulty believing that people could do things so evil. I would especially be in disbelief that this abuse could be supported by the "system" in order for those to continue their evil work. Unfortunately I have witnessed it first hand and lost a loving parent with the assistance of the "powers that be" and a "guardian" that committed a series of abusive and unethical (illegal for anyone else)acts that ended a life prematurely. God Bless you Sara....You have a great deal of support. Lets all hope and pray that you prevail...

Diane said...

Nice title...and that is exactly what they tried to do to Gary Harvey and continue to do so. Like his life means nothing to Chemung county.

Back in the 50's they did research on babies in orphangies, some got attention,human contact and others did not just got fed and some of those babies psychologists discovered that it was the lack of human touch, of embrace and communication, which was killing them.
Is this is what some(Kevin Moshier MHLS, Rita Gould APS, Bryan Maggs Esq. part time employee of Davidson & O'Mara' and full time employee of Chemung County, Don Thomson Esq.part time employee of Davidson & O'Mara' and full time employee of Chemung County ) have in mind for baby boomers, the elder and disabled?

Ken said...

Bet Kevin Moshier and DSS, APS would not treat his dogs this way if they had any.
Most assuredly Maggs and Moshier would sell out their mother and wives, children and father rather than have his soul be seen.

John said...

How are the replys to the writs coming Moshier, Maggs?

Got any more lies you would like published?

Sara said...

Look at this and who picked up on Carrie's article.

Thank you Carrie and Bob Ellis from Dakota voice.

Tim said...

Gary may have been kept in near complete social isolation and out of sight to the many ... but he has never, ever, been out of mind, never.

Excellent article.

Norma said...

Gary Harvey is a victim not only of his court appointed protectors but also of the system. The wheels of justic turn slowly - we hear that all the time.

But what happens if you don't have time for the wheels to turn slowly? Are you just cast aside? It sure seems that way.

I believe the guardian and related players in this case will someday meet their maker who won't accept their excuses and rationalizations.

NASGA said...

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Mary Lou said...

Carrie Hutchens is a great writer!

Anonymous said...

Where does the judge - coming from the same law firm as most of the perps she's working with - get the nerve to say THEY waived the conflict? That's pretty sick stuff!

Ben said...

You're absolutely right, Anonymous. They can't waive the conflict; only Gary Harvey could do that and he's unable to speak.

Shame on them. And shame on the judge for letting them get by with it.

Julie said...

They sit on their thrown and decide what's "right" for Gary Harvey and they are complete strangers. They should be glad for Sara Harvey's intimate knowedge of her husband because that knowledge would have them doing a better job.

The truth is they don't give a rat's behind about Gary Harvey. I wonder if they have any humanity in themselves (even an ounce) to imagine how Gary Harvey feels laying there day after day seperated from his best friend and wife. How alone does Gary Harvey feel? How frightened is he?

jerri said...

no not out of mind i think of gary every day his wife sara this is a wake up call and it makes me sick

Jane Branson said...

When someone fights this long and this hard for justice and what is right, without a doubt means, "they're fighting for the Right Cause."

They cannot be Stopped and will never give up. Injustice must understand, Sara is on a Mission to SAVE the life of her's called "LOVE FOR YOUR FAMILY," something Evil will never be able to destroy.

Hold on Sara many families understand your battle and we're with you !

Anonymous said...

The judge don't care, the attorneys don't care, about Gary Harvey one bit! Money, greed and power is more important to them than some ones life, liberty and justice. Afterall, it is not their loved one being isolated, that is if they have a heart to love.

What do you all suppose they are trying to hide? what is it that anyone would want to isolate a human being? sounds like NAZI Germany.

Scott said...

I have followed the story of Gary Harvey for some time now and I took it upon myself to do a bit of reading into the New York adult protective services programs, because I too am old, and I was shocked to read that

1) the services are voluntary and can only be forced on someone by a court order of "access" to the person;

2) the services can only be thrust upon someone involuntarily for 18 months;

3) if the person being protected is in a hospital or long term residential program the service must resign;

4) the services can only be provided to person living in the community

and so I ask, what the hell are these people doing to and with Gary Harvey?

They contend that Gary's wife is the risk, yet they break all the laws which regulate the services and they profess to be the good guys ?? I think not, in fact I think they are lawless thugs drunk on their power which they abuse just like they abuse Gary Harvey and his wife.

Too darn bad that lynch mobs are not as popular as flash mobs, seems to me that these Chemung County offical involved in holding Gary hostage are deserving of a good ole' fashion lynching because doing so might just save the next poor soul unfortunate enough to find themselves injured like Gary.

Norma said...

I am not sure they're trying to hide anything. Maybe it's more like they have lost touch with reality and their moral compass and so have elevated their own status to a place that they actually rationalize to themselves that they're doing a good job, that Gary Harvey deserves to be isolated because he's "not in there".

It reminds me of wife and child beaters. They think they're doing a good thing too. The rest of the world sees them must differently than they see themselves when they look in the mirror.

Carrie K. Hutchens said...

Thank you for your kind words. May the hero and heroine (Gary &Sara) of the story soon conquer the forces of evil and be reunited in their home built of love, trust and devotion. May this story have a happy ending that leads to hope for others. This is my wish and what I pray shall be.

Tim Lahrman said...

I see they are watching in Texas

Ed said...

I also see the story being picked every where.

and here

and here

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and here

It just keeps going and going and going and going..Choo Chooo is picking up steam.....

Thelma said...

Ed, you made my day!