Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Abuse Alleged Again

For the second time in less than three weeks, a Highlands County resident has been charged with abusing an elderly or disabled person.

Susan Morales was charged with four counts of abuse, court documents show. The charges are third-degree felonies.

Morales, 51, of Ponce De Leon Boulevard in Sebring is accused of hurting a man four times from April 1 to May 24 at the Cluster of Avon Park, "a care facility for physically and mentally disabled adults who require around-the-clock care."

That's according to a warrant signed by Assistant State Attorney Christine Pletcher and a warrant affidavit from Detective Robert Livesay of the Highlands County Sheriff's Office Special Victims Unit.

The Cluster website describes the facility as serving those "with intellectual disabilities (mental retardation and developmental disabilities)" and emphasizing "community integration and choice while recognizing the specialized and often complex needs of the individuals we serve."

Morales' arrest came 17 days after sheriff's investigators arrested 53-year-old Rebekah Marie Ramsey on July 27.

Ramsey is charged with six counts of domestic violence-related abuse of an elderly or disabled adult without great harm and one count of domestic violence-related neglect of an elderly or disabled adult without great harm.

She is accused of abusing an elderly woman who police said reeked of urine and was locked in her bedroom for three days.

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Abuse Again Alleged


Anonymous said...

If these facility owners can't police themselves, they have no right to be in business.

Finny said...

If the facility receives a deep enough fine, they'll make sure this never happens again.

Betty said...

Hold the administrators and the owners accountable and this will stop.

Anonymous said...

Is the Area Agency on Aging, the agency that is supposed to be policing these facilities and protecting residents, aware of the problem?

I would bet the agency is aware and covering up the abuse. That is its usual agenda.