Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Disturbing Case of Elder Abuse Leads to Death

Recent developments in a disturbing case of elder abuse that led to death have focused particular scrutiny on the perpetrators not only because of the grisly details of the case, but also because the two caregivers had been approved by the state as adult caretakers for the 90-year old victim.

The two caregivers were the victim’s grandson and daughter. The two are charged with elder abuse and neglect for allegedly leaving the senior unattended for weeks. A paramedic found Gray lying in her own feces. She also had grade 4 bed sores and was surrounded by flies.

According to two recent articles in the Kern Valley Sun, four different agencies investigated the adequacy of the victim’s care for several weeks in February 2011. A representative from Aging and Adult Services (AAS) ultimately concluded that she had been being neglected. Although the 90-year old was taken from her caregiver’s custody, she subsequently passed away.

Both of the abuser had applied to the woman’s primary caretakers in 1999 and were designated as In House Supportive Services (IHSS) providers. The IHSS program is overseen by the Adult Programs Division of the state’s Department of Social Services. In order to become an IHSS primary caretaker, McCoy and Green had to undergo an extensive criminal background check. They also had to agree to report any suspected abuse, injury, neglect, or potential hazards to a social worker assigned to the victim.

What is not clear, however, is how frequently the caregivers were reviewed in the twelve years following their initial approval to be caretakers. For example, at the time of the various agency investigations, one of the criminals was facing several pending criminal charges, including spousal abuse.

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Disturbing Case of Elder Abuse Leads to Death


Anonymous said...

Maybe the criminals are the service agencies which are not doing their jobs in following up on quality of care.

Norma said...

This is an example to use to debunk certification as an answer to guardianship abuse. Certification should help,especially help keep track, but it's not the big answer.

Angie said...

Unattended for weeks?

This deserves a life sentence.