Thursday, August 18, 2011

ND Legislative Report District 13: Committee Addresses Variety of Studies

The interim committee meetings of the North Dakota Legislature have started to meet and work on the studies assigned to each committee, and the first Human Services Interim Committee was held last week. The studies assigned to the Human Services Committee are as follows: of the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Guardianship Services, Department of Human Services caseloads and Program Utilization, and the States Qualified Service Provider System.

The Study of the Guardianship Services will involve contracting with a consultant to study guardianship services for vulnerable adults. This is a problem for many older citizens that can no longer handle their own affairs. The courts can delegate someone to handle the affairs for them. There are many problems in that the states do not have uniform laws, and it is difficult to find or appoint a guardian unless the individual can afford to pay for the services. Often, family members are not willing to undertake such a task, and sometimes there is dishonesty involved. The plan includes obtaining information from private and public sources, and receiving the report from the consultant. Again recommendations and possible legislation might result.

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Legislative Report District 13: Committee Addresses Variety of Studies


StandUp said...

Let's hope for results!

Anonymous said...

Are there really that many people who don't have family or friends to help them, and need a guardian?