Sunday, September 4, 2011

Daughter Fights for Control of Mother

Marjorie Partch wants to regain the care and estate of her mother, Dorothy Partch, while she recuperates from a stroke at Wilton Meadows.

With a complaint now before the Superior Court in Stamford, Marjorie Partch is trying to make sense of how her life has spun so far out of control in a few short years.

"I'm trying to gain my mother's money, which is three or four times what she owes Wilton Meadows," Marjorie Partch said. "I wanted her to be taken care of while I got the house (at 20 Devil's Garden Road in Norwalk) in order for a wheelchair and organized. Then everything turned upside down. I took time off from work and that's when (Wilton Meadows) took their actions. I was thrown out of the house with nothing. They'll say I'm a lunatic, and at this point I'd say who isn't?"

The attorney for the rehabilitation and health care-center at 439 Danbury Road says the facility has done nothing wrong, and the court system is overseeing the elder Partch's ongoing treatment.

"On July 27, 2010, Wilton Meadows brought an inaccurate application for an Involuntary Conservatorship for my mother to probate court, and a conservator was wrongly appointed, over my objections as her health care representative and pre-designated conservator," Marjorie Partch said. "I am pursuing this illegality in superior court, and the facility is very unhappy that the matter has been brought beyond probate court, with whom they appear to have a very 'cozy' relationship. The superior court judge is reopening the case for re-argument in order to investigate fraud, a possibility (the judge) is clearly considering."

Angelo Maragos, attorney for Wilton Meadows, has a different interpretation.

"I think of the bases of (Marjorie Partch's) complaint is fraud, and Wilton Meadows is alleging Marjorie Partch is committing fraud to get at her mother's estate," Maragos said. "I think Wilton Meadows did everything correctly. At the original hearing before the Norwalk Probate Court, Marjorie Partch did not raise any issues about fraud, and she made no objection to the conservator. Wilton Meadows has been taking care of Mrs. Partch since before that date. Every step we've taken since then has been under the supervision of the court."

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Daughter Seeks to Regain Control of Mother's Care While at Wilton Meadows

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StandUp said...

Here we go - the guardian immediately maligns the daughter and tries to label her as a greedy child when in fact the facility is aftr Dorthy Partch's money!

It makes me sick!