Monday, September 5, 2011

Judge Blocks Efforts to Access Britney Spears' Medical Info

A judge won’t give a company suing Britney Spears access to her medical information.

The pop star is still under court-ordered conservatorship after a bout of erratic behavior in 2008. Her father and attorneys control her personal and financial affairs.

Because of the conservatorship, she will not be required to give a deposition in the lawsuit from the company Brand Sense, which claims it helped negotiate a perfume deal for Spears but was cut out of the profits.

Brand Sense wanted to see medical records proving Spears couldn’t testify. But Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz ruled Tuesday that Brand Sense Partners has no standing to see medical records.

Judge Blocks Company’s Effort to get Access to Britney Spears’ Medical Records to Aid Lawsuit


StandUp said...

But of course. The judge wouldn't want her medical records public because they might reveal she's not incompetent.

Thelma said...

Normally, they're protected by HIPAA, but they need not be released to anyone not involved in the guardianship.

Brand sense could simply challenge the continued validity of the guardianship.

Mary said...

You're right, Thelma.

Luis said...

Well, wouldn't that be interesting if they did that?

Anonymous said...

Britney Spears fans are taking action at Its come to our attention that Britney is not happy with her current situation. Judge Goetz has a history of problematic conservatorships see for more details. Mickey Rooney was also victimized when conserved under Judge Reva Goetz