Tuesday, October 25, 2011

“Dementia Care Without Drugs:A Better Approach for Long-Term Care Facilities”

Medications can be a powerful tool in combating the effects of dementia, but when used as the only source of treatment the effects can be toxic. Join us for a discussion on the effects of these dangerous drugs and learn what you can do to stop it.

Holiday Inn Capital Plaza
300 J Street, Sacramento, CA

October 26, 2011, 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Anthony Chicotel
Staff Attorney, California
Advocates for Nursing Home Reform.

Tina Alonzo
Director of Research
Beatitudes Campus
Phoenix, AZ

Christopher Cherney
SNF Administrator
Berkeley, CA.

Dementia Care Without Drugs: A Better Approach for Long-Term Care Facilities


Anonymous said...

This sounds very promising.

Thelma said...

Definitely so.

honeybear said...

I hope this works and it spreads throughout the country. Drugs are bad. All drugs have side effects which cause other problems. The drugging of the elderly via psychotropic drugs is a crime.