Thursday, July 12, 2012

Court Hears Mickey Rooney's Allegations of Elder Abuse

Mickey Rooney's battle against alleged elder abuse continued Monday morning, following a hearing in conservatorship proceedings for the 91-year-old actor who has accused his stepson of maltreatment and meddling in his financial assets.

An official at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse (map) of the Los Angeles Superior Court, where Rooney's hearing was scheduled to take place, said she could not provide any details about the case.

Monday's hearing was another piece in Rooney's ongoing allegations that he had been emotionally, verbally and financially abused by his stepson, Christopher Aber, 52, and Aber's wife, Christina, 42.

Christopher and Christina Aber deprived Rooney of food and medications, and prohibited him from leaving his house, Rooney said.

"Over the course of time, my daily life became... unbearable," Rooney said in his March 2011 testimony to Congress. "I felt trapped, scared, used, frustrated and overall, when a man feels helpless, it's terrible."

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Court Hears Actor Mickey Rooney's Allegations of Elder Abuse

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Betty said...

Poor Mickey Rooney. I do't think he has a clue that he's gone from the fire to frying pan.

tvfields said...

Mickey has put a face on elder exploitation. Will any other, younger Hollywood types step up to the plate to lead the fight against the legal profession's negligence and lack of integrity?

Mindy said...

I agree tvfields, Mickey Rooney is the face of elder abuse. Who would have thought he'd suffer so in his old age? I wish he would join forces with NASGA!

StandUp said...

It's a crying shame that old folks like Mickey Rooney have this happen to them when they get old and vulnerable. What a society we live in.

You're very brave, Mr. Rooney.

Norma said...

It's so sad that families do this to each other. I am glad Mickey Rooney used his celebrity to bring attention to this dark issue. Thank you, Mr. Rooney.

mary mcclain said...

This happens a lot. Me and mom put her live-in boyfriend, Walter Schmeltzer in Autumn health care they found out he had 9 homes and alot of money they said he was never getting out.They went on to abuse in in many ways and when we tried to help Walter they would not let us see him any more saying, "We started trouble" It went to probate court and a court Guardlan was given to Walter named Mary Humbprty, She said she would move him and we could see him all the time., But then once she took office she would not let us see him and would not move him to a better place and said Walter likes the abuse. But Walter begged me to help him saying he was so scared all the time.that they abused him so much. He cried and said he really missed us..they we was kicked out and told not to come back. They did not like Walter telling us about the abuse. Can anyone help Walter we really miss him. Some man named Steven Hinken,s owns the Autumn,s and has gotten in trouble for taking peoples homes and money but abuseing then. You can read this on 10 tv news site. But still none are closed down as it says was to happen.I guess money talks.He has taken alot of money from the elderly. My son says people call him a predator and a criminal.This court guardan is also thought of as a very bad person and a predator crminal. But i can not get anyone to help Walter and I have no money for a good lawyer. Can anyone help him.?