Friday, May 10, 2013

New Probate Court Database Will be Key in Firearms Eligibility

Vincent J. Russo, manager of communications and intergovernmental relations for the Office of the Probate Court Administrator of Connecticut has issued an announcement that the Probate Courts “expect to complete work this summer on a new database for use by state and federal authorities in checking the mental health backgrounds of citizens who seek to buy or own firearms.”

The Mental Health Adjudication Repository (MHAR) will list those individuals who have had firearms eligibility rights terminated due to mental health adjudication in the Probate or Superior Courts, within the last 14 years. The Connecticut Probate Court website states that “When a Probate Court finds a person to be mentally incompetent, he or she may not buy, sell, own or possess a firearm, and his or her name is listed with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.”

Frequently the matters addressed in Probate Courts include administration and oversight of trusts and estate or the care and guardianship of children. However, Probate Courts commonly address social issues involving mental health, said Mr Russo, and the new system in place as of July will proved a good methodology of reporting and sharing that information in a timely and efficient manner.

The database will be made available to relevant state and federal agencies and automatically updated each day, Mr Russo said in his announcement.

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New Probate Court Database Will be Key in Firearms Eligibility


Thelma said...

If the courts engage in corruption in their probate proceedings, how can their results be used to judge mental capacity?

Anonymous said...

In probate court?