Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ex-District Judge Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison

BROWNSVILLE - A judge sentenced former district judge Abel Limas to six years in prison for one count of racketeering. Limas was also ordered to forfeit $257,000 in property he owns and pay more than $6 million in restitution.

Limas was the focus of a corruption case at the Cameron County courthouse. He pleaded guilty more than two years ago and has testified in four trials related to the case.

The ex-judge confessed to accepting bribes for favorable court rulings. He also admitted to taking more than $250,000 from four attorneys.

In court today, his defense attorney said Limas was rehabilitated and did everything asked of him. Limas apologized for embarrassing the judiciary system and his family.

He left the courthouse without any comment about his sentence.

Former Cameron County district attorney Yolando De Leon called the outcome "a good recognition of the damage done to many, many people, many institutions."

But Limas' attorney Chip Lews said, "I think it's exorbitant. Given all the assistance Abel Limas gave the federal government, one would expect a lighter sentence."

The former judge will report to federal prison in a couple of months. Until then, he is a free man.

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Ex-District Judge Sentenced to 6 Years in Prison


Thelma said...

Six years is not enough.

Anonymous said...

Bribes...I just wonder how many judges are on the take, successfully.

Finny said...

He certainly is having the kitchen sink thrown at him, and I'm happy to see that, but it seems like the judge should be throwing the refrigerator at him too.

Alyece said...

His attorney said that he had been rehabilitated...because he did all that was asked of him. That does not mean he has been rehabilitated. Only reason he did all that was asked hoping he would get a lighter sentence.