Wednesday, September 25, 2013

West Orange Woman Admitted to Bilking Nearly $100K From Elderly Woman

A 47-year-old West Orange woman admitted Monday to stealing nearly $100,000 from an elderly woman to pay for hotel rooms, dinners, shopping sprees and bills, authorities said.

Shawn Craig pleaded guilty Monday in a Trenton federal court today to mail fraud and filing a false personal federal income tax return, according to U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman.
Nearly three years ago, Craig bilked an elderly woman's finances when she was given power of attorney over the East Orange woman, Fishman said.

Craig used the power of attorney to divert a portion of the elderly woman's funds —mainly socials security — to pay her automobile insurance, purchase a bar and bar stools, make a tuition payment and other expenses, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney's office.

In December of 2010, Craig submitted a reverse mortgage forging the woman's signature on her East Orange home, the office said.

According to Fishman, Craig used the money from the reverse mortgage to purchase items at retail, such as Gucci, Coach and Nike, as well as food and travel expenses in Atlantic City, California and Florida. She also used to money to pay her bills.

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West Orange Woman Admitted to Bilking Nearly $100K From Elderly Woman


Thelma said...

Who was she that she got a power of attorney?

Finny said...

She admitted it; now she can save everyone a bunch of money by pleading guilty and avoiding trial.

Anonymous said...

All they will do is make her pay it back and then the charges will be dropped, if they would put these people behind bars a lot of this guardian abuse would stop!!woulesb