Thursday, June 26, 2014

Tennessee State Senator Wants Judicial Discipline Panel to Investigate Nashville Judges

State Sen. Randy McNally has asked the Board of Judicial Conduct to investigate whether two Nashville judges had “too close a relationship” with a lawyer involved in getting a client released from jail without spending a 12-hour “cooling off” period he was charged with domestic assault.

 The Oak Ridge Republican said he was inspired to send a letter to the BJC by newspaper reports of General Sessions Judge Casey Moreland moving to promptly release Nashville contractor David Chase when Chase was charged with assaulting his girlfriend, whereupon Chase returned to the woman’s home and brutally beat her again, authorities allege.

Current state law allows a judge to order someone charged with domestic violence to spend 12 hours in jail as a “cooling off” period before release. But Moreland waived the requirement at the request of Chase’s attorney, Brian Lewis. Another judge, Night Commissioner Thomas Nelson, waived the 12-hour rule after Chase’s second arrest.

The Tennessean reported that Lewis and his wife had donated $3,000 to Moreland’s re-election campaign last November. Moreland also told the newspaper the two were close friends and had vacationed together.

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Senator Wants Judicial Discipline Panel to Investigate Nashville Judges


Thelma said...

What about Randy Dandy Kennedy and his unlawful conservatorships?

Anonymous said...

Pretty simple.

You can canoodle and spoon with whomever you wish, Your Honor.

You just have to recuse yourself from their cases.

Anonymous said...

I agree Thelma Judge Randy Kennedy is sitting under a dark cloud the people of Davidson County need to wake up to contact their state elected leaders to take long overdue actions on a truth seeking mission. Who is protecting Kennedy? And why? And keep in mind no one knows the amount of money generated by conservatorships and the estate probate cases in any given county in the USA. Those who profit want to keep you we the taxpayers the next in line to be churned into products to feed the probate machine. Follow the dollar sign and the votes to special interest groups lobbyists with a question why no one runs against him when his term is up. Good luck and God Bless you to the good citizens of Davidson County who will find themselves in Kennedy's courtroom dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

These buddy systems are everywhere in the legal system.

Don Acree said...

You are exactly correct Thelma and Anonymous. Randy Kennedy is worse. This senator may be trying to help, but he needs to realize the House should never have shifted the burden to the judicial branch by forming the Board of Judicial Conduct in the first place. It's a whitewash panel. The Sen. should submit bill REMOVING these judges from office.

Judge Moreland and Judge Kennedy are both good friends with Bryan Lewis, atty. and his father, Jimmy Lewis - latter being a criminal kingpin in Nashville area. Probable ties to CIA drug running.

Trip to Costa Rica for Moreland and Bryan Lewis may have been drug-runnning trip in itself. Not saying it was, but may have been.