Thursday, July 17, 2014

PA Common Pleas Court Judge Stephanie Domitrovich Faces Ethical Charges

An Erie County Common Pleas Court judge is facing ethics charges after the Pennsylvania Judicial Conduct Board filed a complaint against her Monday with the state Court of Judicial Discipline.

Judge Stephanie Domitrovich, who graduated from Duquesne Law School in 1979 and 10 years later became the first female judge in Erie County, is accused of six violations of the state Constitution and Code of Judicial Conduct. The board has requested that she be suspended pending resolution of the charges.

The Judicial Conduct Board complaint also said that the judge had improper communications about a case showing bias against one party and failed to properly train her new secretary. Then, the judge tried to fire the woman who was out on medical leave.

Another allegation in the complaint is that Judge Domitrovich improperly consulted with her husband, attorney Ronald Susmarksi, about cases before her, even though he was not a court employee. The board also alleges that Judge Domitrovich gave “misleading and false answers” to questions asked of her by its attorneys during an investigative deposition earlier this year.

The complaint characterized the judge as being “impatient, intemperate, belittling, overly critical or disrespectful” of attorneys, litigants, witnesses, county employees and personal staff.

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Erie County Common Pleas Judge Faces Ethical Charges


Thelma said...

This person does not belong on the bench.

Norma said...

Sadly, we hear more and more of these stories.

Eve said...

Honorable Judge? Not all judges are bad...but this one belongs on the list for sure!