Thursday, September 4, 2014

Korean War Veteran Norman Hughes Makes a Passionate Plea to go Home. He is Being Held Against His Will in Assisted Living

Korean Veteran

Hughes Jr., 81, is a Korean and Vietnam War veteran who’s currently paying $7,000 per month to live in the Kirby Pines Retirement Home in Memphis even though he told The Daily Caller he wants to live with a caretaker named Debbie McCoy — at her home paying $2,700 per month — where she has run a VA-certified living assistance facility for fifteen years with no complaints until this case.

“I need somebody to help me get out of here,” said Hughes.

Korean War Veteran Inside VA System Held Against His Will


Thelma said...

I don't hear any mental incompetence. Let him go!
"Best interests"; right?

StandUp said...

How very sad to think a Veteran would be treated this way. Let him go!

Sue said...

I agree with Thelma and StandUp

And, always consider:

1) what medications Norman Hughes is prescribed
2) dosage etc.
3) side affects of combination of medications
4) period of time on the meds
5) period of time off meds have a lasting affect

In my opinion, all of the above must always be considered.

Then, add in the emotional trauma of being snatched out of your former residence placed into a strange living arrangement that the resident opposes that right there will affect everyone's demeanor and attitude.

My opinions are based on fact, not on theory.

Now we consider the motive and intent who is financially profiting, benefiting from this 'protection' arrangement?

Anonymous said...


Steve said...

You're a brave man, Mr. Hughes, and I pray help will come.

Sylvia Rudek said...

In my opinion: Cruel inhumane treatment. Norman Hughes certainly is 'sharp' responding quickly and appropriately to questions about the forced changes in his life. He knows what he wants; he is in strong disagreement about his living arrangements and his hard earned money while reminding his son he is repeating himself. His body language clearly shows his agitation being forced to live away from his 'home' and people he considers 'family'.

The spontaneous, natural interaction between father and son warms my heart.

Anonymous said...

Where is the TN VA? I don't understand why they don't step in to help Norman Hughes. Where are they?

mike volpe said...

I think that some of the rhetorical questions being asked in the comments will be answered in the original article, including where the Memphis VA is, so please check out the article.

Finny said...

In my not so humble opinion, Mr. Hughes' conservator needs to be conserved. Mr. Hughes was doing fine until this conservatorship. And now his money is fast dwindling and for some reason unknown to man, that seems to be ok with the court.

B Inberg said...

Finny might want to review his or her comment writing Mr. Hughes 'needs to be conserved'? while the content of the comment results in the opposite conclusion.

Mary W. said...

THANK YOU for keeping this Veteran's story in the public's eye, NASGA.

What is being done to this man is wrong. Incapacitated? No this video is proof that he's OK.

And he's got a good son, too.

Marvin said...

My deepest respects for the Hughes family and I hope the entire state of Tennessee comes to your aid. This is so wrong and unjust.

Nasga, Thank you for getting the word out.

Anonymous said...

This man appears competent to me.

jerri said...

this korean veteran needs to be heard i fear he is trapped and will be shut down from telling the truth eyes wide open on this case norman is an example of hidden numbers of elders and veterans who are nothing more than a product to feed the probate machine shameful disgrace and so un-american this needs to be shown to school age children but guaranteed the government bodies will not allow this as part of their curriculum so lets hope the kids find this information on their personal time