Saturday, October 11, 2014

Linda Kincaid Reports: Elder Abuse by conservator Scott Phipps: Elder advocate Lisa Miranda speaks out

Elder advocates are speaking out against elder abuse by Oakland, California conservator Scott Phipps of Phisco Fiduciary. Phipps denies conservatee Elinor Frerichs her right to visitors and her right to phone calls. Phipps denies Elinor her right to attend court hearings on her case.

Phipps placed Elinor at Lakeside Park, a locked dementia facility. Lakeside Park keeps Elinor imprisoned and isolated. Phipps pays the facility around $7,000/month from Elinor’s estate, according to Elinor’s family.

Elder advocate Lisa Miranda sent the following email to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.
I am a concerned citizen following this case.
Please remove conservatorship of Elinor Frerichs and restore her to her home. The conservator has acted negligently in not allowing Elinor to attend her hearing (Elinor does not have dementia), to have visitors, phone calls, and mail. Futher abuse by the public conservator is keeping Elinor in a locked dementia unit, when she has not been diagnosed with dementia. Elinor's situation is inhumane and a gross violations of her rights. Elinor's money is the conservator’s motivation in their acts of negligence and abuse.
The public conservator and Lakeside Park facility need to be prosecuted so that this never happens to any other senior. Please protect all senors and make this a case to prosecute the entities involved and to protect the rights of all seniors regardless of guardianship.
Please immediately remove Elinor from the isolation of the dementia unit she is currently in and encourage Elinor to exercise her right to have visitors, phone calls, and mail. Then replace conservatorship of Elinor Frerichs with the ability to have Elinor live in her own home with hired help. Elinor has the financial means to pay for her independence and hired help. Elinor does not control her money so she will not be susceptible to financial abuse.
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Elder Abuse by conservator Scott Phipps: Elder advocate Lisa Miranda speaks out


Thelma said...

Are there any honest lawyers left out there? This is a federal habeas case!

Norma said...

Thank you, Lisa, and all the advocates who have come to this woman's plight.