Thursday, February 26, 2015

Man Trapped Inside His Own Body For 12 Years Reveals HORRIFYING Abuse

Martin and his wife, Joanne
A man who was in a comatose state, but still fully aware, has come forward with absolutely horrifying revelations about the people who cared for him while he was in the vulnerable state.

At the age of 12, Martin Pistorius came down with an illness that left him in a vegetative state, unable to speak or move on his own. But after several years, he fully regained his consciousness, yet still had his motor skills impaired, and what happened to him is nothing short of sickening, unable to communicate that he was aware of his condition and surroundings.

Labeled as “Ghost Boy,” MailOnline reports that Pistorius didn’t even talk about the unspeakable atrocities in his memoirs due to their nature, but now he’s speaking up for the first time about the years of sexual and physical abuse he endured when his parents left him in the care of others at a home for the disabled. His treatment was so horrible, that Pistoius only rarely visits his native South Africa, where it all happened, because of the flashbacks he gets while there.

“I would dread it whenever my parents told me they were taking me to the care home,” Pistorius told MailOnaline. “Because I knew what would happen, and I had no way of letting them know the agonies I’d suffer.”

Those agonies, he said, included pulling his hair until his eyes watered, smashing a metal spoon into his teeth while they fed him, and screaming at him when his caretakers were angry, but that’s not the worst of it.

“I would be forced to drink scalding tea or fed until I was sick,” the web designer living in Essex said. “Then I’d be slapped, shouted at, made to feel worthless, then would come the sexual attacks from women who were supposed to be looking after me.”

“One woman would come into the room and straddle me and simulate sex with me and touch me inappropriately,” he recalled. “Nothing made me feel more powerless, I longed to run away.”

You may also be able to remember Pistoius from a story that ran a few weeks back, where he said he was forced to watch reruns of the children’s hit cartoon Barney the Dinosaur. Those alone were torture to the man in his state, he said.

Making matters worse, Pistorius was never given justice for what happened to him. When his father tried to take action, the workers at the care facility denied everything, and since nothing was caught on film, the allegations never stuck.

When Pistorius was just 12, he developed a sore throat that soon developed into much more. As time passed, his mind, then body, eventually became nothing but a shell in which his conscious was retained.

Doctors would at some point diagnose it as a degenerative nerve disorder, but there was nothing they could do. At the age of 16, the boy regained his consciousness, and for the next nine years, he would remain fully aware but unable to speak or move.

“You have no idea how frightening it was,” Pistorius said. “The stark reality that I was going to spend the rest of my life like that, totally alone,” he said. “I couldn’t make a sign or a sound to let anyone know I’d become aware again. I was invisible, a ghost boy.”

At the age of 25 he regained full consciousness and the ability to communicate, but that was only after years of horrific abuse.

“Each day I’d count down the minutes until it was over and I was 24 hours closer to going home,” he said.

He did have a happy ending to his story, however. Shortly after he was back to himself, he met his wife Joanne on the Internet. The two married in 2009 and have since bought a home together in Harlow.

His book has also become a best-seller, and he has gotten a degree in the IT field. He also has numerous Hollywood film producers trying to buy the rights to his story. So, needless to say, he’s doing just fine.

It’s sad that people would ever consider abusing someone so helpless in such a manner. What’s worse is that they’ll never be brought to justice over it.

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Man Trapped Inside His Own Body For 12 Years Reveals HORRIFYING Abuse


Finny said...

He is a marvel and I'm so glad he is speaking out.

Jessica said...

What a story and inspiration he is. I hope his experience is made into a film.

StandUp said...

It is a real miracle and I'm so happy for his life now. Let his experience be a wake up call for everyone that people who seem unresponsive mostly aren't.