Monday, June 29, 2015

Betrayal of Trust: Part 1 - Section 3

'Not a normal life'

Pining for the way things were

Hugo's story shows just how convoluted and confounding guardianship cases can be.

Lieberman hasn't been charged with any wrongdoing in her handling of Hugo's affairs, and a New Jersey appellate court has affirmed the judge's decision to strip Hugo of her legal rights.

Helen Hugo speaks about her life after a guardian took control. 

Yet four different psychiatrists who have examined Hugo have said she doesn't need to be in such a restrictive type of guardianship.

One even said she showed no signs of dementia.

On her most recent cognitive test, earlier this year, Hugo scored 28 out of a possible 30 points. A score of 23 or lower is considered a indicator of cognitive impairment.

Nearly four years after being diagnosed with "progressive cognitive decline," she's sharp enough to hold a long conversation, critique President Barack Obama's leadership skills, and discuss the legal process that led to her placement in a county-owned nursing home, Meadowview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, in Northfield, Atlantic County.

"Did I need to be here? No," Hugo told an Asbury Park Press reporter who visited her in the cramped room she shares with another resident.

"Because my life was OK before. I used to go to the senior center. I had Meals on Wheels," she said.

The life she knew is a distant memory now. Outside the window by her bed, a summer sunset splashed golden light and lengthening shadows across the grass and trees.

Another day had passed her by.

"I miss my own stuff. I miss my cat. I miss being able to come and go, cook my own food. I just miss having a normal life.

"And this," Hugo said, looking around her disinfectant-scented surroundings, "is not what I consider a normal life."

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Betrayal of trust:  Part 1


StandUp said...

I feel so badly for her. She is probably more competent than Barbara Lieberman.

Nancy said...

I like Mrs. Hugo alot. She's not only not nuts, she has a wonderful sense of humor.

Mike said...

4 exams saying Hugo was competent and the judge didn't pay attention to them? I hope the judge in this case will be disciplined. Think of the years taken away from Helen Hugo as she rotted in a nursing home against her will. Lieberman was the culprit but the judge was the enabler.

Mary said...

She has alot of spunk!

Anonymous said...

The judge should be in prison In isolation