Monday, January 23, 2017

Stunning reversal in former Army Ranger’s guardianship case

by Michael Volpe

WASHINGTON, January 22, 2017 – In a stunning reversal, the former Army Ranger previously held in guardianship for more than five years is nearly free of the system.

Martin Patterson, 37, is a former Army Ranger living in Pennsylvania who was placed into guardianship at the behest of his parents who claimed that brain damage from a lightning strike caused him to be incompetent and unable to manage his finances.

On August 2016, CDN featured Patterson’s story with allegations of a corrupt process and that his money has been misspent while he’s been in guardianship. Patterson said he was initially placed in temporary guardianship during a status conference when his parents and guardian bad mouthed him, though they did not testify or were cross-examined; he also said about $75,000 of his funds has gone missing. In October 2016, CDN reported that the guardian, Laura Eaton, had hired an attorney, Mary Alfieri, who filed a motion asking that Eaton be removed from the case due to a “conflict of interest.”

Eaton was also initially appointed by the Veterans Administration to be Patterson’s conservator.

Alfieri did not respond to an email for comment.

That hearing was held on January 11, 2017, Judge Elizabeth Kelly issued an order removing Eaton from the case.

The hearing was initially held at the end of November 2016 but was continued until January.

Patterson’s new wife, Kristen Davis, has been named his temporary guardian and he’s scheduled for an examination which, if it confirms he’s competent, will lead to his removal from guardianship in April.

The VA Fiduciary Hub manages guardianship issues for veterans and the VA Fiduciary Hub in Indianapolis helped to manage Patterson’s- Patterson believes mismanaged.

Lisa Goebel, the press person for the VA Fiduciary Hub in Indianapolis issued this statement:

“Mr. Patterson was rated competent to handle his VA finances in January 2014.  The issue of competency for the VA fiduciary program and the issue of state court guardianship are separate and distinct.  The Department of Veterans Affairs is not involved in, nor is a party to, the state guardianship issue you referenced.”

In fact, part of Patterson’s frustration stemmed for the fact that the VA found him competent but that this competency finding was given no weight in determining whether or not he should remain in guardianship.

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Stunning reversal in former Army Ranger’s guardianship case

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Finny said...

Hoping and praying for his release!

Karen said...

This case sounds like a lawsuit in the making!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for keeping on this case. We often hear about greedy children after their inheritance before their parents have even died but the reverse (parents using their children for income) isn't heard much. Thank you, Mr. Volpe, for taking on this case and keeping us informed too. Now we shall see what happens at the next hearing, and I'm sure you'll be there, Mr. Volpe.

Alicia said...

It sounds to me like he didn't have a decent lawyer to fight for him?

StandUp said...

Thank you Michael Volpe!