Thursday, June 6, 2019

Isolation in Virginia

At the 50.34 minute mark of this video (click the link below), NASGA member Mike Jacobs stands before a crowd who has gathered to support candidate Delegate Mark Levine.

Mike hasn’t seen his love, Jane, for two long years – ever since she was placed in a guardianship. Jane’s guardian does not allow him to visit or communicate with her, even though it is clear Jane misses him and wants to see him. She has sneaked in phone calls to Mike when she can and begs him to come and see her.

Her health is fragile and Mike fears he’ll never see her again. His testimony is emotional and raw. THIS is the hurt, worry, and devastation people feel who have wrongfully been shut out of their loved one's life. As bad as Mike feels, we know Jane feels even worse because she doesn’t understand why Mike isn’t with her and comforting her now when she needs it most.

Wrongful isolation by court-appointed guardians is the number one complaint of our members and it’s why we work so hard to combat it.

Watch the video

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