Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Genesis of Incapacity

Probate courts use the magic phrase "incapacitation" to cash in on Guardianships illegally imprisoning 10's of thousands of American citizens each year. This video explains why the term is the password to these criminally imposed "guardianships".

YouTube:  The Genesis of Incapacity


Finny said...

Good video and I am going to pass it around. Thanks NASGA!

JoAnne Marie Denison said...

Who is the man speaking. He is completely right about the term incapacity which is a made up term and has no real medical or legal significance other than to take over control of assets in court, and with little supervision and control, estates are quickly depleted leaving the senior at risk.
Keep on posting more of these.

Anonymous said...

A crime against humanity. Happening all over . AGAIN. It has happened before ,with a different venue, with a different way to kill the victims and take their property. This is the same ,dressed up in a different costume ,a different mask. the torture and fear of a system gone against the people ,killing and stealing is as old as history.

Debbie said...

Great video -- love this guy!

jerri said...

incapacited is vague by design and add to that in illinois a person is guardian material under the disabled adult label physical disability could easily apply to 1/2 the population sneaky sob's