Friday, November 14, 2008

Probate Investigation

Court Administrator Paul Knierim said he will investigate a controversial Greenwich probate case where family members say Marilyn Plank, an elderly Michigan woman, has been held against her will in Connecticut.

Knierim said the law requires the courts to pay specific attention to the rights of a person who faces conservation by probate court, particularly when it comes to jurisdiction. People under conservatorship lose virtually all of their civil rights.

Plank, 85, was brought to Connecticut from Michigan under questionable circumstances in May of 2007 by one of her daughters. Plank's court-appointed conservator, and other family members, have challenged Greenwich Probate Judge David Hopper's decision to approve her move here.

Plank is not a resident of Connecticut.

Probate Court Administrator will review a controversial Greenwich case

GREENWICH: Official To Investigate Controversial Probate Case

Motion to Vacate:
Motion To Vacate Decree Appointing Temporary Conservator And To Dismiss Application For Appointment Of Conservator

Conservators Brief:
Conservators Brief In Support Of Report To Change Residence

See also:
Probate-Sanctioned Kidnapping

Judge Knierim in charge


Anonymous said...

This is scary. I hope to never visit Connecticut.

Anonymous said...

We must have a major federal RAID on all the courthouses in Connecticut - now.

Seize all probate case files and remove them for audit and review.

What are they waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Investigation? Oh, I hope so!

Anonymous said...

Another bad judgement from corrupticut.

Anonymous said...

Investigating and acting are two different things. I hope the public keeps the pressure on for action and reform of the filthy CT probate courts.

Too many people have had their freedom and liberty stolen from them. Something needs to be done.

Anonymous said...

How long will it take to reform probate court?

This attempt at reform state by state would be tied up in the state legislatures for years, decades. And, consider this....

QUESTION: who puts their final OK on each word and phrase in the state statutes?

ANSWER: LAWYERS, who intentionally write the laws with loopholes as big as sinkholes to ensure a lifetime of work for their buddies in the bar association.

They have this all wrapped up.

The best way and fastest way to get reform going is to have the feds investigate what is going on, which would be the probate gang's worst nightmare.

I don't care if the feds have to hire
1,000's of new federal agents.

The feds are the only remedy.

Criminal investigations would get the attention of those who are running this mob.

The lawyers are running the show. Judges are lawyers in robes who just go along with business as usual making all final decisions from the bench in favor of the friends.

Anonymous said...

I believe the present probate system is incapable of being reformed. Too many conflicts of interest. Too many hands in the cookie jar, AKA the ward's estate.

Anonymous said...

I left CT because of corruption. hartford bounty hunter and bail comp. miss used my personal info like SS# and other saying to people i had a warrant for my arrest in order to get my address to find someone with a warrant that was also acuse of false charges. I reported to many department and no one care. I lost alot of money to get this person back in the country to stop this people from harrassing me and sing me to pass harrassment of death treats when i had nothing to do with case. I think my best bet is to leave the country as i fear they will retaliate for reporting them. I have not receive any help from authority as they all claim they dont handle those type of accusation. Anyone out there that can assit.