Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lawyer Given More Time

Judge Stephen Rice gave metro-east attorney John Pawloski 35 days to account for his use of guardianship and estate funds before he'll send him to jail.

Pawloski's attorney, Van-Lear Eckert, said it would violate Pawloski's Fifth Amendment right to account for his use of the funds.

Rice held Pawloski in civil contempt of court for not producing the accounting and ordered him incarcerated, but he said he would hold off on that sanction until next month to allow Pawloski to account for his use of the funds in all three cases.

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Metro-east lawyer given more time to account for spending in guardianship, estate cases

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Anonymous said...

ARDC always gives all the time "needed", meanwhile the crook is still practicing.

I personally know about this, our attorney has a big complaint against him and we are filing one. You can follow the process online.

Anonymous said...

Ah first 10 days to turn in the papers or face the piper and now another 35 days...delay, delay, delay.

I can only hope Pawloski will be sanctioned for the delay, but it's not likely.

Anonymous said...

Go to the ARDC website, these things go on for years with appeal after appeal.

However, the website is well worth review. One can search by name, word, (ie, guardianship, etc.). At least you can at the Illinois website. Maybe you can find a similar case disciplined in your own area.

Also, it is amusing to read about these upstanding representatives of justice. One I read this morning including a psychiatrist's report. The respondent had a narcissistic personality disorder. I think that covers the entire profession.

Anonymous said...

Now if he weren't a lawyer, think the judge would give him extra time?

No way!

Anonymous said...

CONCLUSION: many sociopaths end up in law school

Anonymous said...

Violate his 5th Amendment rights to account for his use of the funds for crying out loud?

The victims don't have any right????

Anonymous said...

I agree, if this guy was one of us, 10 days would mean 10 days and not a day more.

The 11th day would mean jail.