Sunday, March 8, 2009

Will Reform Finally Happen?

On Monday, the General Assembly's Judiciary committee begins considering of legislation that could finally reform a system that has dodged modernization for decades.

At stake are jobs for dozens of judges and the lawyers who appear before them and earn hefty fees. Look for the probate judges to try to limit the reforms called for by Gov. M. Jodi Rell. The governor wants to eliminate seven out of 10 judges and require them to be lawyers.

Source and List of Bills to be discussed:
Probate court showdown at Capitol Monday

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Anonymous said...

Hefty fees!

These people are going to fight like wounded tigers to keep their income guaranteed and flowing.

It's not about what works for society, it's what works for those who benefit, by control and power = $$$$$.

I pray Governor M Jodi Rell succeeds; I hope he stands fim and digs in for a brutal, ugly battle - he is right and his opposition is wrong.

Please keep up posted.

Anonymous said...

Just considering the legislation is reform.

And we have to remember, nothing happens over night. But, there's a tidal wave gaining height in CT and it's not going to stop!

Anonymous said...

Eliminating 7 out of 10 judges is the beginning of reform.

CT is overburdened with courts and judges.

A massive overhaul is needed.

Anonymous said...

A start, but plenty of work left for NASGA!

Anonymous said...

Reform might happen in CT due to the press, specifically articles by Rick Green, which started the cry for reform!