Thursday, April 16, 2009

Budget Cuts For Child-Welfare

Tough economic times create a classic catch-22 for state government: With people struggling to get by, there's more demand than ever for government aid, from health care to child welfare. But the recession also means the state has less money available to provide that aid.

More people need food stamps, yet the agency that oversees the program is closing 17 offices around the state. While increased child abuse is a concern, money for guardianship and adoption is being cut at the state's child-welfare agency. People are turning to community organizations for help just as the state is cutting support for those groups.

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Less money, more demand for government aid

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fedup said...

CORRUPTION and PAY TO PLAY costs the taxpayers billions of dollars it's not just the current economy.

Illinois is 11 billion in the red, so where do they who spend our money, those who rule our lives go for more money?

Directly to we the little people, the trapped chumps who work every day to pay the frieght for so many getting a free ride.

3-4 counties in the Chicago area recently voted "yes" to leave
C(r)ook County, Chicago. I wish them well and hope my community joins them in their new found wealth.

Chicago is a drag on the county and the state. When the scales are tipped, more and more people are on the getting end, not contributing financially, well, we who pay heavy taxes will pay more and more.

In my community, we do not have corrupt leaders; we have a balanced budget with reserves.