Sunday, April 12, 2009

Theft of Guardianship Funds

Richard Reyes and Yvonne Reyes of Rancho Cucamonga were arrested on suspicion of grand theft of guardianship funds intended for the care of the three juveniles, according to a DA's news release.

Over an 18-month period, prosecutors said the couple drained accounts of $750,000 that was set up for the minors. The children were 16, 12 and 8 years old when the crime occurred, according to the release.

The money came from an insurance company, the Social Security Administration and death benefits intended for the benefit of the children.

The children were orphaned in 2006 after their parents died in a murder-suicide in Los Angeles County, said Jeff Neeley, senior investigator with the Specialized Prosecution Group.

Neeley: "The couple knew the parents of the children and were entrusted with their care. I know that $750,000 was in their hands and I know that money was used inappropriately."

The Reyeses managed to obtain temporary guardianship of the children and their deceased parents estate, Neeley said. They signed legal documents stating they would administer the funds in specific ways to benefit the children.

Full Article and Source:
Rancho couple arrested for bilking three children in their care


Anonymous said...

This couple drained assets at the same fast pace as the professionals do!

It truly is grand theft and I hope they suffer the harshest punishment the law allows.l

Anonymous said...

Guardianship papers in the hands of those with greed in the hearts and criminal minds = a disaster for the victims, the wards.

Numerous examples of the failures of the system, yet this is allowed to continue as more wards are trapped in the net of probate.

When and how will this guardianship racket be terminated?

Betty said...

Predators see easy money - the elderly, disabled, or very young have almost no protection against them.

StandUp said...

I hate to say it, but theft of funds was in these kids' future anyway. I'm not condoning this theft at all. I'm just saying the system would have taken them when they turned of age -- into the "protective" program of guardianship.

we the people said...

All of this by design and who designed this system?

Follow the $$$$, the votes, the special interest groups and the lobbyists.

We the people are the chumps who pick up the tab while others get rich at our expense.

Anonymous said...

The couple will be prosecuted and imprisoned as they should; 'professionals' get to hide behind 'protections' afforded them by the corrupt Probate Court System and Judges who give carte blanche integrity to their titles as does the State Government and law gives these Judges carte blanche for their credibility and integrity. It's a sick and broken system.