Saturday, April 18, 2009

Secrets In America

Elder Abuse is Taking a Tragic Toll on Seniors

From big cities to small towns, seniors are vulnerable to physical, emotional and financial abuse. Experts estimate there up to 2 million cases of abuse each year in the U.S, and with the number of seniors in the United States estimated to grow to more than 70 million by the year 2030. Seniors are at great risk.

Secrets in America brings you experts from across the United States and people whose lives have been forever changed as a result of this crime.

Secrets In America - The Crisis of Elder Abuse


Anonymous said...

This looks like it will be very intersting. I wonder if any of the people in the book talk about guardianship abuse.

Anonymous said...

I do think most people know generally that elder abuse is growning --- but it doesn't affect them, so they glide right by it.

Anonymous said...

I went to the source to see if I could contact them and couldn't find anything.

I wanted to know if they consider guardianship abuse as senior abuse.

NASGA said...

That is an excellent point regarding if guardianship abuse is considered senior abuse.

We located a link under "Has this project helped you? Let us know."

The email is

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the title. I don't think elder abuse is secretive.

Society sees the elderly as disposable. That's quite apparent.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, NASGA. I have just sent them an email. We'll see if they respond!

Anonymous said...

Documentaries such as this should be part of elementary eduction with follow up in high school classes.

By showing our younger generations what is happening to generations before them who built this country, our nation can begin to address these elder issues in their formative years.