Friday, April 17, 2009

Trading Crooks

In 1997 my mother just wanted nothing to do with me.

I am an only child and she is an only child.

She surrounded herself with nothing but a set of crooks and people that she never liked.

So I took her into court.

All I did was trade one set of crooks for another.

The conservator had me barred from the house.

She had a housekeeper that took my mother to a check cashier and then stole a check that was going to the house.

I spent a lot of money to protect my mother.

I had to protect my mother against the crooks and the people representing the courts.

I did legally fight the conservator and got her money cut by 75 percent.

However, this was very costly and my life was just put on hold.

I will never be the same person.


StandUp said...

The pain expressed here is something that one never gets over.

We can get better - but we never totally heal.

Thank you for sharing these feelings with us.

Anonymous said...

This statement says it perfectly --trading one set of crooks for another.

Of course, once you trade to a guardian, you're stuck.

Anonymous said...

Good going on getting the guardian's fees reduced!

Be proud of that - few people can say they were successful getting that done!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your pain with us.

It speaks a lot to your character that you tried to protect your mother after she treated you badly.

I am sorry you ended up trading crooks.

Anonymous said...

People don't realize why guardianship victims change so much. It's like a disease - you almost have to have it to know how bad it hurts.