Friday, June 5, 2009

Dying With Dignity - Guardianship Abuse

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Anonymous said...

Sara Harvey wants her husband home.

Chemung County should send him home now.

Nursing homes aren't home and they don't nurse.

Anonymous said...

Brian Maggs forgets that the citizens of this country are tired of bureaucracy, corruption, and cronyism.

He might have gotten by with his silly statement a few years ago, but not today. Today, he might have well added a laugh track to it.

Anonymous said...

Sara Harvey's love and concern for her husband, Gary, comes through loud and clear.

Chemung County's statement by Attorney Brian Maggs also comes through loud and clear - as ridiculous and false.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for the pain that you are experiencing in your life. It petrifies me that the very agencies and officials whose salaries that WE PAY make such horrendous decisions.

Anonymous said...

If I were in Sara Harvey's shoes, I would find this situation totally unacceptable and frightening. This type of illness and accident, this tragedy could happen to anyone of us at any time without warning. Please do not back down Sara, keep on fighting for your husband, Gary, he is depending on you to speak for him.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of dignity, Sara Harvey speaks with dignity in this video.

Send her husband home!

Anonymous said...

Pray for Gary Harvey's right to live!

Anonymous said...

Sara Harvey is a true champion!

Chemung County Dept. of Social Services should hang their heads in shame.

The employees should all walk out in protest of this attempted murder of a helpless man.

Anonymous said...

I’d like to give a more concise explanation of what happened with the defective fish line incident because the interview didn’t really tell what happened, parts of it were cut out.

Gary has pulled his trachea out several times by a dangling "fish line tube" that is often left laying across his chest within his reach to pull. Medical doctors have stated that it is an irritation for him.

After many attempts inquiring about the bulb to draw attention to the high risk and perilous situation to Gary and was ignored.

I requested to see the inflation records. On 9/4/06Staff acknowledged that they are aware the bulb had a hole in it and was “flat.

Then on 9/6/06, the bulb was missing and I asked LPN again - and no one on duty or in authority seemed to know or be concerned about how it happened.

This was a danger to Gary because it increased his risk of aspirating – which usually leads to pneumonia. In Gary’s compromised state, pneumonia could easily be fatal.

The "fish line tube" is often left dangling down his neck within his reach. I was scared for my husband’s life, safety, and comfort and no one would listen to me. I felt I had to take immediate action to get their attention.

So 9/16/06 I informed the nurse on duty what I was going to do She did nothing to change the defective line nor did she do or say anything to stop me from cutting it. I snipped what was left “the fish line” using their scissors.

I could not leave my husband in this dangerous situation. Gary was not traumatized by my action; he had been living with a defective tube for weeks and CCNF knew this for weeks. CCNF put my husband at risk and possible death. The way I see it CCNF is not fit amd many lack the skills.

We all know how they are good at covering up their neglect. What was stated by me are the facts.-Sara

Anonymous said...

Let's remember also that Gary Harvey is a Veteran.

Is this how Chemung County supports the troops?

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sara, for a more detailed account on what happened with the trach.

I agree, you had to do something to get them to do their job. Gary was at risk and it could have been fatal. And what you did worked -they fixed it.

I think it's very important that you told them what you were going to do and in fact they gave you their scissors.

Anonymous said...

If Gary Harvey were my husband, I would have taken the same action (or other more drastic actions if necessary) Sara was forced to take to ensure her husband was taken care of properly giving him what was needed to survive without distress and make it through the night.

Even if Sara stayed and slept in Gary's room that night (or any night he was at risk of expiring while waiting for proper assistance), that would not ensure that there would not have been an incident that could have ended his life.

We need to remember, with proper care, the right rehab facility and aggressive therapy many patients have the opportunity to recover some, most of or all of what they lost in their illness and/or accident. We see the miraculous stories of recovery on tv news - don't we?

Hope, love and faith are some of the emotions that are needed as the driving force, the motivation and energy needed to survive to make it through a heartbreaking situation such as this.

You're a good loyal wife, Sara; I admire your strength and courage to appear on TV news - good for you!!

Is Chemung County Nursing Facility the best place for Gary Harvey?

Was Gary Harvey allowed to be examined by an expert, someone who has experience, one who is not beholding to or in the pockets of Chemung County or Chemung County attorney Bryan Maggs and their pals?

I think an independent thorough examination of Gary Harvey is in order.

Thank you NASGA for your dedication continuing to expose the truth about guardianships, the growing cases of guardianship abuse is our nations scourge.

Anonymous said...

hey, nasga you know what? medical records from nursing homes and other places with records can contain mountains of false information, misleading information, omissions & outright lies i know cause what i saw myself compared to what is written in the records is not the truth they do this to take away the suffering and their negligence and errors from the record and cover their a_ _ es, coa strategy they are advised by their truckloads of lawyers to always always always coa and be ready for litigation 24 - 7 so keep that in mind folks cause lying for the record is a fact of life havent we seen enough of this already.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is I pray to God I never have to face anything like this I don't think I could hold up.

Anonymous said...

If Gary Harvey were my husband and no one paid attention to me when I complained about the defective trach, I don't know what I'd do.

I think I'd think about it for about 30 seconds and then I'd do something drastic.

And what consequences, if any, did the nursing home suffer because of the neglect to fix the defective trach?

If Brian Maggs truly had Gary Harvey's best interest in mind (ha!), he'd have removed him from Chemung County Nursing Facility after their neglect to fix the trach.

Anonymous said...

The piece really should have been called, "Living With Dignity". It's about Gary Harvey living -- not dying.

Gary Harvey has a right to live.