Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not Happy With Treatment

Sarah Harvey says she’s not happy with the treatment she says her brain-injured husband is receiving from the Chemung County Department of Social Services.

Harvey’s husband Gary has had a permanent brain injury for over three years. She lost guardianship over him to Chemung County more than two years ago. She says losing that right was a big blow and since then has been fighting to bring her husband home.

In 2006, 55-year-old Gary Harvey had a heart attack and fell down the basement steps, striking his head, and leaving him with the brain injury. He’s been in assisted care at the Chemung County Nursing Facility for years. Sarah says she’s taken issue with the quality of care Gary has received. She says no one paid attention to her complaints. So to draw attention to Gary’s suffering, she cut his tube.

Since then, she say’s she’s only been allowed supervised visits, has no say over her husbands medical care, and is afraid the county is going to instate a DNR.

Chemung County attorney Bryan Maggs: “The Department of Social Services was appointed as a guardian and has done an excellent job of managing this very difficult situation. The county will continue to act in Mr. Harvey’s best interest, with court oversight and guardianship responsibilities.”

Source and Video:
Dying with Dignity

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Anonymous said...

It appears that the wife
has every reason to be
complain about her husband's care. One picture shows the 02 trach
mask applied off to the
left side of the trach; Gary won't be getting any 02 with that application.

One picture appears to have
fluid on the front of Gary's shirt, is this fluid
from the 02 mist leaking down from the tubing onto his shirt when he is laying
flat or is it from drainage
from the trach? Either way
he shouldn't be left without proper drainage pads around the trach. There appears to be clean drainage pads in place in the picture. Did these get changed but not his shirt? How is the skin condition around the trach and where the fluid is leaking? Ummmm. If the skin was checked, I would think the wet shirt would have been addressed as well.

Gary's supine position in the bed is of concern as it appears he is not being repositioned or getting ADL care. I exect he must have a tube feed connected although it isn't apparent in the pictures that I can see. I would be concerned about aspiration pneumonia.
His coloring shows signs of
a circulatory issue around the lips and fingers as much as we can see of the fingers because his hands were obviously not splinted
to prevent the clenched fist deformity.

Positioning in the chair is also inappropriate as there is slumping that would impair lung expansion

Would definately want to assess lung sounds ASAP and expect to do blood labs and CXR.

Sorry, but Gary appears to require immediate medical assessment, better supervision and monitoring of CNA care.

Geez, makes me ashamed of my profession.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that Gary was removed from his home and subsequent separation of this couple. The wife explains she cut the defective part of the tube
'cuff' on the trach hoping
the nurse would replace it
it sounds like a last ditch effort to obtain a cuff change as she believed it to be malfunctioning.

Effective communication and teaching is an important role and responsibility of nurses to their patients, family members and healthcare workers who work under their license in providing care to their patients.

If the nurse had reasons for not replacing the cuff she was obligated to effectively communicate teaching to the wife until she was satisfied teaching was received comprehensively by the wife preventing what the nurse understand and reported to be 'risk of injury' as I would expect the nurse was able to prevent injury to her patient as the wife states she acted in front of the nurse to solicit the cuff being replaced by the nurse.

I would be interested in reading the investigative report and findings by the APS requiring such drastic measures. Was the wife charged with any crime(s)? Seems to me she would have to be to have her rights as a spouse removed by the court placing her husband under Guardianship of a court appointed professional. Seems to me the Guardian is negligent in Advocating for her 'ward' as he appears to be at least 'at risk for injury' as evidenced by several provider substandard care pratices witnessed in the video.

A lawsuit may promote raising the standard of care for other potential
victims even if the legal
land of OZ fails to provide
the wife any other retribution.

Anonymous said...

No government/court entity should deny someone the ability to live their final days in their own home with their own family who cares for them.

Helen said...

Limited visitation for a spouse........What have things come to??

Allowing a guardian to make decisions regarding life or death is akin to endorsing murder.

Allow his own family to make decisions and allow his wife to comfort him.

Anonymous said...

Chemung County is attempting to murder Gary Harvey.


There is no other word for it.

I hope a tidal wave of outrage floods over them.

Anonymous said...

The guardian has done an excellent job managing this very difficult situation, Mr. Maggs?

I wonder if you'd be saying that if it was you who was about to be starved and dehydrated to death.

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

The county is not acting in Gary's best interest. His wife should provide care and act as his guardian. My mother was persecuted and neglected to death. How can this happen in the USA?

helensniece said...

Thank you NASGA for publishing the truth about guardianships.

Sarah Harvey has more than justifiable reasons to complain about how she has been treated throughout this entire guardianship situation which reminds me of Communism.

Sarah and Gary Harvey are husband and wife, yet she has restricted visitation with supervision when she is "allowed" to visit her husband, all of this by demand of Gary's guardian. This is abuse of power, this is outrageous; it is INSANITY and 100%wrong.

Wake up America, this could happen to...YOU!

Sarah Harvey has shown remarkable restraint, patience and courage during this ordeal all for the love of her husband.

Chemung County Department of Social Services - Shame on you!

Chemung County attorney Bryan Maggs Shame on you! you need a psychiatric evaluation post haste.

IF anyone believes the guardianship system is working in the best interest of the ward, please volunteer youself to become a ward of the state.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Harvey is the only person who should be making any decisions for her husband, Gary Harvey - period.

TO THE Guardian of Gary Harvey - you must resign immediately and go hang your head in shame, you are not acting in the best interest of the ward. You are intentionally going to kill an innocent person who was not sentenced to death via criminal court conviction.

Who do you think you are? God? Look in the mirror, you are not God.

How is it that a guardian, you, can disregard Gary's wife and sentence your ward to death with court approval, yet the majority of states do not have the death penalty on the books?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Sarah. I can't imagine anybody being happy with the treatment Gary is forced to endure at Chemung County Nursing Facility.

These people are playing God, they want to end his life and I know God is not happy either, so look out folks - KARMA

Anonymous said...

What gets me is Brian Maggs' transparent statement. Do you really think, Mr. Maggs, that the public is that stupid?

The pictures of Gary Harvey in the nursing home show sure and certain neglect. Sara Harvey tried to protect her husband and she is trying to do so now.

Why don't we just superimpose your words on one of those pictures of Gary Harvey so the whole world can see Chemung County's defination of "excellent job"?

Anonymous said...

Dear Sara Harvey, You are a good loyal wife and a very brave woman who is standing by her man. Your husband must be so proud of you for standing up to the powerful and almighty to try to save your husbands life from certain painful death by starvation and dehydration how cruel can they be. I also think you what you did to get the attention of Gary's caregivers saved his life but instead you are the bad guy being punished for exposing the negligence of the nursing home. You and Gary are in my thoughts and prayers I pray you will be successful. I am grateful to nasga and the tv station or how many people would even know that something like this is going on? God bless you.

Anonymous said...

This sounds so ridiculous as to be almost impossible! Yet, many many citizens have seen the affects of guardianship.

Marriage is not "until death do us part, but until a guardian comes along."

Anonymous said...

while this is becoming common, each family feels a pain unique to their case. Good memories, shared events similar to what everyone of us has, hopes of better times, respect of wishes all magnify in such a circumstance.

These feelings have no place in a court and the court should have no place in family matters.

Anonymous said...

Gary Harvey is completely helpless. He is so fortunate to have his wife stick by his side and fight for him no matter they do to her in retaliation.

Let's hope the public outcry causes the guardian to actually act in Mr. Harvey's best interest and resign from his case.

Sara Harvey should be allowed to take her husband home.

Anonymous said...

One day several months ago on a main highway which passes through the town in which I live, both sides of the road were packed, knee deep, with people of all shapes and sizes. Something big was happening here. There were mothers with baby carriages and fathers with their kids perched up on their shoulders. I saw grandmothers and grandfathers. They were white, black, asian, hispanic. Some were sitting and others were standing. I had never seen anything like it, so naturally, I was curious. As I drove, I slowed down so I could read the signs that some were holding. I soon came to realize that they were supporters of an organization whose members believed in the “right to life”.

Their signs read “Don’t kill unborn babies” and “abortion is murder”. As I drove on I came upon a group of people encouraging the passing traffic with signs containing the words: “honk if you love life”.

I didn’t honk.

It is not that I don't love life. It’s that I know some secrets about life. As an advocate for the elderly, especially those who become victims of abusive guardianships and conservatorships, I have seen first hand the possible nightmares that are in store for the “babies” that this crowd so diligently fights to bring into this world. When the “baby” grows old and frail there are no demonstrations when all their civil and constitutional rights are taken away or when the “baby” is isolated from the people and places they know and love, removed from their homes and warehoused in institutions where they will be forced into incontinence, subjected to physical, chemical and psychological restraints against their will and have a perfect stranger appointed by the court who will ignore the wishes of the baby and instead will make all of the decisions for the rest of the “baby’s” life. The stranger is given the misnomer of “guardian”. The crowd holding up their signs might be shocked to learn that this “guardian” can not only dictate how the “baby” lives, but also how the “baby” dies.

You might find this hard to believe, but just ask Sarah Harvey. Her husband Gary is laying in a hospital bed in New York while a group of people, some of which might have even been a demonstrator once, are meeting to discuss removing her husband’s feeding tube which will cause him to experience a slow, agonizing death. Sarah’s one wish is for her husband to come home to die. But, the “guardian” who makes the decisions for the “baby” refuses.

And this is just one example of why I could not bring myself to honk.

Anonymous said...

Sara, I received an e-mail from Ron Panzer of Hospice Patients Alliance in regard to your case.


Anonymous said...

"These feelings have no place in a court and the court should have no place in family matters." Well stated, I agree Anon and to that I say "Amen". Gary Harvey funded the guardianship system and now he needs to go back home with his wife where he belongs.

SH said...

I agree the guardain must be removed even though efforts has been made.The guardian works for the administor who runs both the health department (where the guardain works) and the nursing home, I question who the guardian was protecing by isolating Gary and allowing the abuse to occur. I think the guardian should be a ward of the state and let Sara be her guardian.

As far as Mr.Faggs he belongs where he crawled out from under maggotts.No different than what Gary has endured.

The trachea was defective for weeks risking her husband's safety and health, she must have been in fear. The bulb was used to inflate the ballon to reduce the risk of aspiration.

Anonymous said...

Gary Harvey has a right to live. He is entitled to every comfort imaginable.

He is entitled to go home.

Let him go, Chemung County.

You have been exposed. Let Gary Harvey go home and don't prey on another vulnerable human being again.

Anonymous said...

Let's take you at your word, Mr. Maggs.

Act in Gary Harvey's best interest.

Let him go home. And let his wife make all medical decisions for him.

You said it: ...act in Gary Harvey's best interest...

Now do it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Sara cut the defective part of the trach to protect her husband. She had complained and complained about it being defective and the nursing home, Chemung County Nursing Facility, ignored her.

She was afraid for her husband's safety.

Desperate conditions often take desperate actions.

And it worked! The defect was fixed.

If Gary Harvey had died because of the defective part on the trach, think CCNF would have be held responsible? Nope. They would have covered it up.

Did they even get reprimanded for ignoring Sara Harvey's concern and not changing the defective part on the trach? I bet not.

Anonymous said...

Thank you WENY-TV News and reporter Emma Wright for airing Dying with Dignity, the Gary Harvey story. People need to know what is waiting for them, I learned a lot from this news item about a court program that I never even thought about. How could people know this could happen to them when guardianship is a mystery of unknown laws that I never even read about that destroys families, in this case it came between husband and wife. Truthfully, I am in shock that this can happen in our country, the USA and I don't think I would be as nice as the lady, Sara, in the news. I'm afraid I would been very angry and would have lost all patience and all self-control if I ever laid eyes on Chemung County attorney Bryan Maggs. Bryan Maggs should remove himself from society. I know dogs and cats and even the wild birds in my yard that have more compassion and respect for life than Maggs has for Gary Harvey.

Anonymous said...

Is Chemung County Social Services protecting Gary Harvey or protecting themselves?

Brian Maggs answered that question with his lame statement.

fedup said...

I suggest probate courts around the country especially Chemung County attorney Bryan Maggs read the marriage vows:

" have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part".

Do you know the meaning of the word vow?

"a solemn promise or statement especially one by which a person is bound to an act, service or condition ie marriage vows"

Hey, Mr. Attorney Bryan Maggs are you there? Can you read this? Can you help me out here?

I looked all over the Internet and guess what? Not one word in any marriage or wedding vows mentioning anything until a guardian shows up and breaks that vow tearing us apart.

Maybe I missed it, though. Can you direct me to the marriage vows that include YOU?

Anonymous said...

Maybe all of you are looking at this from only one side, Sara Harvey may be the one harming Gary. The county may be the ones with Garys best interest at heart. there is more to a situation than a couple pictures,maybe she put Gary in those positions so she could take the pictures and make the county look bad.Ever think of that and maybe she would be the one doing harm if he went home where there would be no one there to make sure he was getting the care needed.As for the Chemung County Nursing Facility my mother was there and my familys personal opinion is they provide excellent care and show love and care to the patients as well as there family.

Anonymous said...

You know what??? They arent' commiting murder. If you would listen to what CCFN has to say and actually listen, you could see that they are doing this to protect him because Sarah H. isn't able to take care of him. She's an unfit guardian. If they didn't have to take him away from her, they wouldn't have, but as you can see the decision was made. You people need to see that there are two sides to a story, not just one. You need both to get the whole truth. So calm down and listen to what other people have to say.

SH said...

I’d like to give a more concise explanation of what happened with the defective fish line incident because the interview didn’t really tell what happened, parts of it were cut out.

Gary has pulled his trachea out several times by a dangling "fish line tube" that is often left laying across his chest within his reach to pull. Medical doctors have stated that it is an irritation for him.

After many attempts inquiring about the bulb to draw attention to the high risk and perilous situation to Gary and was ignored.

I requested to see the inflation records. On 9/4/06Staff acknowledged that they are aware the bulb had a hole in it and was “flat.

Then on 9/6/06, the bulb was missing and I asked LPN again - and no one on duty or in authority seemed to know or be concerned about how it happened.

This was a danger to Gary because it increased his risk of aspirating – which usually leads to pneumonia. In Gary’s compromised state, pneumonia could easily be fatal.

The "fish line tube" is often left dangling down his neck within his reach. I was scared for my husband’s life, safety, and comfort and no one would listen to me. I felt I had to take immediate action to get their attention.

So 9/16/06 I informed the nurse on duty what I was going to do She did nothing to change the defective line nor did she do or say anything to stop me from cutting it. I snipped what was left “the fish line” using their scissors.

I could not leave my husband in this dangerous situation. Gary was not traumatized by my action; he had been living with a defective tube for weeks and CCNF knew this for weeks. CCNF put my husband at risk and possible death. The way I see it CCNF is not fit amd many lack the skills.

We all know how they are good at covering up their neglect. What was stated by me are the facts.-Sara

Anonymous said...

Can your mother speak? I bet she can. How can that be when Sara Harvey has had a baby sitter for 2 1/2 years. Explain that. what about the 24 J tube surgeries and more risk traumatizing her husband. No one in a life time goes through that many J tubes. It is UNHEARD of.

Why did 3 nurses get fired for stealing drugs and selling it on the streets, and they are taking care of your loved ones at CCNf.

Maybe that is why they are so happy because they are taking morphine patches off your loved one and licking them to get high during the 2008 investgation. You want to be honest let the public know this.

Wake up chemung county! Stop covering up your crimes.

Anonymous said...

To the person who says the County has Gary Harvey's best interest at heart, and his wife may be the one harming him.

Starvation and dehydration is the most hideous of deaths. It is painful and cruel. I have seen it.

The County wants to starve and dehydrate Gary Harvey to death; Sara Harvey is fighting for his life.

It's pretty clear who has Gary Harvey's best interest in mind.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said "As for the Chemung County Nursing Facility my mother was there and my familys personal opinion is they provide excellent care and show love and care to the patients as well as there family."

What floor is she on 2 or 3 that makes a difference. Is she a relative of one the staff? that makes a difference. Can she go to the bathroom herself ? that makes a difference. does she get bathed daily, I bet not, is her hair washed daily? I bet not,

Does she have to be lifted by a hoyer lift and get dropped on her head? I bet not, has her leg been amputated because of a wheel chair incident, became infected and staff was not paying attention, I bet not.

Explain the fluid running down Mr. Harvey's chest, the secretions, I suppose she did that too, I suppose she pulled out the J tube 24 times in front of the baby sitter, why did the baby sitter not report any of this? perhaps the baby sitter was sleeping on the job right?

You need to get out of the closet and open your eyes. Some do get good care that can take care of themselves, however there is not much care for those who can speak, eat,go to the bathroom etc. without much assistance.

Yes showing love I guess you got me on that one. One nurse is sleeping with a residents husband. I guess you can call that showing love.

Anonymous said...

To the Anononymous beginning with "You know what?", please look at the NASGA website, specifically the Victims' page.

What happened to Gary Harvey is happening all over the country. And it could happen in your family.

It could happen to you.

P.S. You don't actually think killing Gary Harvey is protecting him, do you?

This isn't about Sara Harvey - it's about Gary Harvey and his right to live.

Anonymous said...

APS wants to kill her husband,,,that is there job to make sure he is getting good care...why was the 24 surgeries not a concern? Expalin how did it come to this that they have to take his life and starve him to death? What happened do you know?

This was not anything Sara did. maybe they gave him some one elses meds or put them down the wrong port again. think about that.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Sara, for a more detailed account on what happened with the trach.

I agree, you had to do something to get them to do their job. Gary was at risk and it could have been fatal. And what you did worked -they fixed it.

I think it's very important that you told them what you were going to do and in fact they gave you their scissors.

Anonymous said...

If Gary Harvey were my husband, I would have taken the same action (or other more drastic actions if necessary) Sara was forced to take to ensure her husband was taken care of properly giving him what was needed to survive without distress and make it through the night.

Even if Sara stayed and slept in Gary's room that night (or any night he was at risk of expiring while waiting for proper assistance), that would not ensure that there would not have been an incident that could have ended his life.

We need to remember, with proper care, the right rehab facility and aggressive therapy many patients have the opportunity to recover some, most of or all of what they lost in their illness and/or accident. We see the miraculous stories of recovery on tv news - don't we?

Hope, love and faith are some of the emotions that are needed as the driving force, the motivation and energy needed to survive to make it through a heartbreaking situation such as this.

You're a good loyal wife, Sara; I admire your strength and courage.

Is Chemung County Nursing Facility the best place for Gary Harvey?

Was Gary Harvey allowed to be examined by an expert, someone who has experience, one who is not beholding to or in the pockets of Chemung County or Chemung County attorney Bryan Maggs and their pals?

I think an independent thorough examination of Gary Harvey is in order.

Thank you NASGA for your dedication continuing to expose the truth about guardianships, the growing cases of guardianship abuse is our nations scourge.

Anonymous said...

Where is Mr. Harvey's mother and children been the past 3 years...supporting this abuse?

Have they excersized there right to visit I wonder? Or are they behind this rally to murder Mr. Harvey?

Hard to handle, too much for them? Too old, too drunk? come when you need drama? come when you are guilty? what do you think Sara has gone through,endless trips to the ER? where were all of you? Putting him to his death is what you did.

Mr. Harvey needed your support then when there was a chance!

Don't blame Sara for this.....You did it and you know it. Starving someone is more than suffering. It is cruel and inhuman treatment.

I wonder if the mother and children are going to be there to watch this gruling death? They helped do this.

Sara is fighting for Gary's life not ending it.

wisernow said...

It is obvious why someone with an agenda would show their true character, to unload on strangers in this cowardly manner about stuff that is not even relevant to the life and death issue of Gary Harvey at hand - very suspicious motives and clearly harmful intent.

Anonymous said...

You are right wisernow,
This is about Gary and what his Guradian's intentions are.

The guardian should have taken a more proatcive role in Sara's pleas of conecrn.

What are their motives by straving him to death and wanting to end his life?

Anonymous said...

First let me say that the 1st amendment is a wonderful thing, however it does not prevent against mistruths or one sided communication/opinions.

Sara Harvey would not have lost guardianship for her husband unless it was warranted because of the dangers she presented to him. Did he really have a heart attack and fall down the stairs or was it the result of a fight Gary & Sara had while drinking and she pushed him down the stairs? That is 1 rumor, so what is true?

Sara fails to tell you that she removed Gary's TRACH at one point because she thought he didn't need it but doctors had to literally plug his TRACH to show her he needed it. Sara’s supervised visits are due to her being a risk to Gary’s safety.

Pictures she showed on her TV debut (nice shirt BTW Sara) were old and probably staged. Perhaps the local TV station (WENY TV) should have checked with Gary’s guardians or his other family (his children) before posting such pictures and running the news show so they had accurate information.

Did Sara mentioned that she has “hotlined” Gary’s care to the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) for potential abuse, only to have the NYSDOH come in and find nothing to substantiate the charges?

I have had family at the Chemung County Nursing Facility (CCNF) as residents and I want you to know it is one of the better places to have family. And as far as the nurses fired for stealing drugs, well, do you have that on fact? And at least if true, at least the facility caught them and fired them. All staff is drug tested before they start employment and there are very strict medication policies in place.

People do not want to pay for healthcare cost and services yet are the first to bitch when something isn’t right. The CCNF is the best staffed facility in Chemung County. Staff is mandated so the units are not understaffed. Staff in long term care does not receive the credit they deserve. Try spending an 8 hr shift being a CNA or nurse on the units, at any facility. Try 1 hr, 2 hrs. It is not easy. Not only are the staff required by the New York State Department of Health to uphold standards and provide quality care, the staff also has to deal with family and loved ones. Some family members are great and help out with tasks like feeding their family members, some are extremely demanding and nothing is ever right. Don’t let your own guilt for having to institutionalize your loved one fuel your anger and frustration.

Abuse is real. I’m not denying that. My own relative died from a stroke after suffering abuse and neglect while living with his ex-wife in another state. But let’s be realistic folks. Don’t blast a place based on someone else’s’ very slanted opinion.

Keep up the great job CCNF staff!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To the last Anon,
At least Sarah Harvey is not hiding behind a computer.
I believe that you should reveal your name when leaving comments as you did. Otherwise, I believe that you are a coward.

Sue said...

Anon writes: "That is 1 rumor, so what is true?"


"a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts"

"gossip; hearsay: Don't listen to rumor."

"1.A piece of unverified information of uncertain origin usually spread by word of mouth."

Enough said about the definition of: rumor.

Sara's story is not based on rumor. If Anon doesn't know what the truth IS, why would anyone post "rumors"?

My guess is MOTIVE, to intentionally try to 1) discredit, 2) injure and 3) harm another.

What say you, Anon? What are your real motives?

Anonymous said...


You seem to "know" a lot about the Harvey case. A lot more than you should "know" under HIPAA laws.

Perhaps rather than you having a loved one at CCNF, you work there instead.

I agree with Sue. You begin questioning if Gary Harvey had a heart attack and fell down the stairs, or if Sara pushed him.

Come on -- if Sara tried to kill her husband, she would have been charged with that act. And the medical records wouldn't say he had a heart attack and fell. You are rumormongering and that is dirty. The right thing for you to do is to go back to where you've heard that rumor and tell whoever is spreading it to put up or shut up.

Your attempt to discredit Sara with inuendo and rumors fails. And your credibility goes at the same time.

You don't have to defend CCNF. Everybody knows that even in the worst of nursing homes, there is always one or two good people who truly care and do the best they can. Perhaps you are one of those.

Anonymous said...

HeY Coward! why do they ISOLATE Mr. Harvey what is CCNF trying hide???? answer that coward! go lick a morhine patch then lets talk about honesty.

Blast ones opinion when there are many. Why does CCNF have a few law suits on them. Because of the good care they give?

I worked there and know what really goes on...Home care is the best!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting, Anon, how you use rumors when they suit you and demand proof and facts when it suits you too.

This story is about Gary Harvey being controlled by complete strangers.

You have family in Chemung County Nursing Facility? Hey, would you mind turning them over to guardianship with Chemumg County being their guardian? I mean, if they're so wonderful, you wouldn't mind, would you?

You would look at this differently if your loved one was under complete control by strangers who hide behind a veil of "protection."

Anonymous said...

Home care is best. Everybody wants to be home -- in familiar surroundings and comfort, and with family and friends.

If CCNF were a wonderful place (and it sure appears it's not), it still wouldn't measure up to home.

Not only that, but a patient is safer at home because he/she is not exposed to so many germs.

Home care is best.

Anonymous said...

I do not nor have I ever worked at CCNF, I just thought I would add another opinion and it is obvious to me that I am not dealing with the nicest of people or very open minded ones so I will not post again. As far as home care, there are also issues of abuse, neglect & theft in the home which I have seen first hand. The best way to protect our loved ones is to get the true facts, be involved & proactive with the care, lobby for healthcare reform and be open minded about options and not get burned out caring for the loved one. The real cowards are those who post opinions, fact or fiction, and do nothing else productive to help improve care.

PS: My name is Fred

Anonymous said...

Fred, as in Flintstone?

If someone does not agree with you or has another opinion, according to you, they are not nice and closed minded.

If someone post a different opinion other than yours, you assume they are not proactive and you call them cowards.

You attack people and post rumors about Sara Harvey but refused to post your full name.

It seems obvious to me that you are biased.

My name is Barney. Not.

Betty said...

"Fred", you've not posted another opinion - you posted rumor and innuendo.

If you'd like to retract that and start again, we'd be happy to discuss guardianship abuse with you.

I suggest you consider it as one day you might find yourself or one of your loved ones a guardianship ward.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the only person (Gary's wife) that cares is perceived as the criminal. We've told you over and over again! Lawyers a/k/a as criminals are in cahoots with your judges (a/k/a criminals). This is an epidemic not just in FLORIDA! Guardianship does not DISCRIMINATE...cuban, jewish, african american, venezuelan, etc.... Consider a small donation today for the only organization that will stand up for your legal rights: the National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse...the power is in our numbers....Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

And for all of you against Gary's wife, I wouldn't doubt it if you are those coward attorneys, judges or guardians. Keep will be paid back someday. One of your own family members are watching you. Don't sleep for too long....what goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Fred" is right. She pushed him. She has a history of physical abuse towards her family. I can vouch for that. This entire story is a true testament to the way in which Sara is able to misconstrue the truth. No one can dispute the supposed 'heart attack' because of the HIPPA law. Sara could have made the heart attack up, so what makes you believe that really happened?

As for her compentency as a guardian, she was never able to care for her only child, which left her voluntarily at a very young age due to neglectful treatment and the abusive environment. Keep playing the victim people. There is a reason the entire court system and county are 'against' Sara, and it's not a conspiracy. Kooks.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that CCNF really wants to take care Gary if his wife is willing to do it? It's obviously not about the cost of keeping him alive. Sara is an UNFIT guardian. How the heck does she know if the medical equipment is defective? Is she all of the sudden a Doctor???? She goes down to the nursing center and just causes problems for these people, that's why she has supervised visits. So she doesn't try to feed him jello, which he would suffocate trying to eat w/ that feeding tube. She's got probs people. She's got serious probs.

Betty said...

To the last two Anonymous posters:

Your venom directed at Sara Harvey is the oldest trick in the book -- try to take the spotlight away from the real issue with rumor and innuendo.

The county proposes to starve and dehydrate Gary Harvey to death. It's a cruel, painful, and torturous death.

Gary Harvey is totally helpless and cannot defend himself. His wife advocates for his life.

And you're busy trying to ruin Sara Harvey's reputation? Can you see the forest for the trees? It sure doesn't look like you can.

LoriView said...

How can someone "make up" a heart attack? Medical science can tell whether it happened or not.

Anonymous said...

LoriView - the question is how do YOU know he had a heartattack. that's hearsay, unless you heard it from the DOCTOR that said he had one.

Anonymous said...

Betty, I apologize for my 'venom' toward Sara, but I just have some personal beef with her. And I think it's sad that she is ruining CCNF, the county, all the judges and lawyers' reputations in the process. So how is ruining her reputation any different than what she's doing? Sounds like a double standard to me.

So anyways, let's take the rumors out of this, whatever happened, happened, and let's talk about what's going on now. They can't euthanize him (I'm assuming?), so the only way to put him to rest is to pull the plug and let him naturally perish. If he were to stay alive, he is suffering the same way. A feeding tube is not a viable long-term solution. If they haven't been able to get him to function normally for three years, it seems that from an outsiders perspective, it is ethical to pull the plug. So, in order to produce a viable solution, what do you propose? He could either: 1) starve to death for YEARS more to come, 2) pull the plug and suffer an agonizing death (but shorter than option #1) or 3) ?

Betty said...

OK, good - let's keep our comments on what's going on with Gary and only Gary.

First of all, a feeding tube is not an unnatural thing. My Mom's friend has problems with swallowing (some rare defect she's struggled with all her life) and so she has a feeding tube. It provides her nutrition and no one would ever know she has it.

Before the octuplets were all the rage, several of the sextuplets had feeding tubes for quite a few years.

My very own Grandmother suffered a massive stroke and survived with a feeding tube for 13 years.

Feeding tubes are long-term if they are properly maintained.

Second, starving and dehydrating someone is not putting someone "to rest" -- it's euthanizing them. It's very painful and no amount of pain killers can kill the pain.

We (as in states that allow capital punishment) execute criminals with more compassion that starving and dehydrating them to death.

Now here's where you're most wrong: Gary Harvey does not have to return to "normal" to be a viable human being. There are many people born with horrible deformaties and we don't kill them. Veterans return from war with horrible injuries and amputations -- some of those injuries are brain injuries such as Gary Harvey is suffering --and we don't kill them. People suffer from cancer or even worse diseases and we don't kill them.

But, we (society) can rationalize that it's ok to kill Gary Harvey - just like it was ok to kill Terri Schiavo.

Can you explain to me why that is?

Diane said...

Has anyone researched and look at the skeletons of the guardian at hand. Is it possible that she is UNFIT as well. Her child died in an accident or was it? Perhaps it was her parenting skills that lead to that death.

I am sure not all is bad it is just the few in charge that make the whole orchard bad. The county needs to get a freash start and get the dinosuars out. It is all accross America not just here.

Where are the arrest records for abuse? If got your facts straight perhaps you would find out that Sarah was the victim of abuse not the abuser.

UncleBob said...

Anonymous said.."from an outsiders perspective, it is ethical to pull the plug. So, in order to produce a viable solution, what do you propose? He could either: 1) starve to death for YEARS more to come, 2) pull the plug and suffer an agonizing death (but shorter than option #1) or 3) ?"

Please let me first say that it IS NOT ETHICAL to PULL the PLUG, then offer an alternative as #3. Why not let Gary go home to his wife? If indeed, his future outlook is Starvation over #1 long term suffering, or #2 short term, then what harm is there in allowing him to die at home?

I cared for my daughter at home for thirteen years after her discharge in "guarded condition", and told that I could not expect to have her long. Ridicule was my reward for caring for her at home, but as a parent of a wonderful loving child, did I have a choice?

Nurses are generally very caring, and do there job to the best of their ability, and yes, I am certain the nursing facility did the very best they were able to do for Gary, but three years has shown they were not equipped to handle the job. It is highly unlikely that any facility could help a patient recover in a manner achievable in the surroundings, safety and comfort of home. Therefore, I think if blame is to be laid here, we must consider how the guardianship was won, not how it was lost.

Is not that responsibility of caring for a patient the right of a loved one first? If Sara Harvey did in fact try and endanger her husband before he entered the Nursing Facility, it cannot be demonstrated by the year prior to his entering CCNF.

Sara lost her guardianship in part by being overwhelmed by grief, and placing her priority with spending every possible moment with her husband and seeing to his medical needs in respects to home care. Was she careless in reacting to matters involving the court, maybe? Who would not place the needs of their loved one ahead of outsiders in a life and death situation even though outsiders absolutely expect that they do. Most who have experienced their first major tragedy or a number of them would find placing the matters of a loved on behind the demands of a court or other agency I think.

One further issue not previously commented on folks, Sara paid thousands of dollars per moth through her insurance company for Gary's care for about two years until it became a financial burden, notwithstanding the fact that it may have prolonged her ability to get him home. Additionally, it may have been seen by her as another source of abuse by the county.

If one were to look back prior to the date Sara lost Guardianship, they might come upon court documents that show beyond any doubt that STOCK jointly owned by Gary, and Sara's refusal to give it up unquestionably, was the real cause. From past experience, and also having formed a similar opinion about (money translating into CARE), and the necessity to try and preserve any available assets for that purpose made it very difficult for me to obtain the guardianship of my daughter. I was called everything in the book for trying to preserve and/or obtain whatever I could for her care. Is that a CRIME?

Not knowing the Harvey's as well as some of you based on some of the comments I have read on this post, let me say again, We fought wars and continue to based on personal FREEDOM. Where is the Harvey's freedom and rights? He deserves as a fellow Veteran the very least he can be given at this time in his life - the right live or die at HOME. Just my opinion folks.

Tami said...

To Anonymous who has a personal beef with Sara. You know how to find her instead of hiding behind your computer!

Answer this for all of us who truly care about Mr. Harvey.
How did his condition get this serious from all the good care you claim that he received?

I know how exactly,where,what and why do you?

You also forgot to include the doctors reputation.