Thursday, July 30, 2009

Follow-Up: The Gary Harvey Story

Sara Harvey recently made an appearance in Elmira court where she was told her brain damaged husband's feeding tube would not be removed by Chemung County.

Hear her story here:
FLN News / Follow-Up: The Gary Harvey Story

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The Gary Harvey Story

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Anonymous said...

This is a great interview.

They retaliated against her by telling her she could no longer touch her husband?

Again, it's just something else they've taken away from Gary Harvey.

How barbaric is that?

Anonymous said...

Chemung County tried to kill Gary Harvey. They should be held responsible for that attempt.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see LIFE prevail!

Anonymous said...

This is a major victory for the Harvey case. However, the DNR still looms.

Unless the DNR is withdrawn, Gary Harvey is not safe. After all, he is in the hands of and under the control of the very people who tried to end his life.

Anonymous said...

This certainly shows that guardianship is not in the best interest of the ward. When I tell people about these cases, they look at me like with that look of disbelief. Truth is, before we experienced the guardianship of our beloved family member, I, myself, would be a doubting Thomas, too.

LoriView said...

To last "Anonymous": court - and other - corruption in guardianship and other proceedings is like cancer:

Until it taps you on the shoulder, you don't believe it or want to know about it.

Our court system is becoming a cancer, if it permits such horrific abuse in guardianship cases.

We are looking at pure retaliation on behalf of the facility. Why would a judge allow it?

Anonymous said...

Did the County and the hospital "ethics" committee apologize for their attempt to kill Gary Harvey?

Anonymous said...

Sara Harvey did a good interview. All she wants is to bring her husband home where she can care for him as long as he lives.

But the County can't let the "evidence" of their neglect and abuse go, can they?

And so Gary Harvey suffers - practically isolated in institutionalized care when he could be home and comfortable.

Good job, Chemung County?

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for Gary and Sarah.

LDavis said...

Very similiar circumstance occurred here in Washoe cty. NV. My father was the ward, I the son, was scapgoat for the 'guardian(s)'.
My father died alone, a prisoner of his own money.
Bring back hi-speed lead poisoning!