Saturday, November 28, 2009

Charges Upheld

A McHenry County judge denied a defense motion to dismiss charges against a Lake in the Hills man accused of stealing $225,000 from his mother-in-law.

Authorities have charged Michael W. Greer, 46, with felony exploitation of an elderly person and forgery, saying Greer used his position of authority over his now-deceased mother-in-law to get access to her money.

Greer's attorney, Thomas Loizzo, has said a police investigator misled grand jurors when he testified Greer held power of attorney over his mother-in-law.

Instead, Loizzo says, Greer's mother-in-law lent him the money for his business - making the case a civil rather than a criminal matter.

Full Article and Source:
Charges Upheld Against LITH Man Accused of Bilking Mother-in-Law


Anonymous said...

We don't know the facts, but it should be investigated.

Betty said...

I do not believe crimes should be dismissed because of an error.

The focus should be did he do the crime or didn't he?

StandUp said...

Stealing $225,000 would be CRIMINAL for crying out loud!