Sunday, November 22, 2009

Seidlin Lawsuit Expanded

An elderly woman's lawsuit against ex-judge Larry Seidlin has expanded to include three attorneys and an accountant.

Barbara Kasler, 83, whose lawyer said is worth $5 million, is suing Seidlin, who gained national notoriety for his emotional handling of the Anna Nicole Smith death case.

Kasler's new attorney, William Scherer, filed an amended suit this week accusing Seidlin of siphoning money from Kasler and attempting to hijack her estate upon her death. According to the suit, originally filed in Broward Circuit Court in June, Seidlin; his wife Belinda; her parents, Barbara and Oren Ray; along with Dorothy Colletto, the ex-girlfriend of Kasler's deceased son, fleeced Kasler out of hundreds of thousands of dollars in checks, credit-card purchases and the sale of property she owned.

Seidlin feigned friendship with Kasler, who lived in the same Fort Lauderdale condo as the judge and his family, the suit said, and the exploitation occurred while the now-retired Seidlin was still on the bench.

"It is absolutely horrible, horrible conduct by a sitting circuit judge," Scherer said.

Also named in the new suit is accountant Stephen Fuller, and attorneys Robert Judd, Bruce Lehr and Raymond Posgay. All but Lehr, whose practice is in Miami, are from Fort Lauderdale.

The suit said the accountant and attorneys assisted Seidlin in his attempts to buy Kasler's property at a discountand change her will tobenefit himself and his family.

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Lawsuit Against Ex-Judge Seidlin Expanded

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LoriView said...

What a creep!

We should do away with judicial elections; have them appointed and then really study them before a retention election.

Who's watching the judges?

Betty said...

I stand behind you, Ms. Kasler, all the way!

Anonymous said...

He'll really be crying when the walls all fall down around him!

Anonymous said...

Seidlin is a predator.

Anonymous said...

We're applauding Barbara Kasler and her new attorney for exposing the collusion and conspiracy to exploit an elderly woman.

Why is former Judge Seidlin and his gang of thieves getting special protections from Florida Broward county and state prosecutors not being criminally charged or prosecuted?

Where are the FEDS?

This is another situation that should be investigated lawyers shielding lawyers.

See how this goes folks?

We the chump taxpayers pay their salaries, benefits and perks (and opportunities to keep feeding their greed) yet we do not have a voice. We want justice and those elected officials say no criminal activity.

Anyone figure that out?

I hope Seidlin and his gang of financial predators:

Belinda Seidlin, Barbara and Oren Ray, Dorothy Colletto, Stephen Fuller, and attorneys Robert Judd, Bruce Lehr and Raymond Posgay all deserve to be criminally charged.

jerri said...

this former judge seidlin creep and his gang of street thugs need to be alligator food heck i would pay good money for front row seat to watch the action disgusting greedy creeps probably would make the gators vomit

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray the prosecutors in Broward County wake up. I hate to be crude but this case calls for straight talk: I think they have their heads up their ______ (fill in the blanks use your imagination)

What more do the want?

What more do they need?

Oh, I just got a sick thought, I know what they are waiting for, the victim to become ill, incompetent or better yet they hope she will expire.

I know, I know, not what anyone wants to hear but folks, that is the real world, reality while the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS clock is ticking, tick...tick...tick..tick

Sue said...

I believe that the Dade County prosecutors (11th judicial circuit) were assigned to do the criminal investigation on this case "to avoid the appearance of conflict" and they closed the investigation rather quickly without filing charges.

How could they possibly do this investigation that involved millions of dollars in assets and numerous witnesses so quickly?

Doesn't sound kosher to me!

jerri said...

Sue has a good point how could investigators follow the evidence so quickly i guess the answer is: they didn't i think they had another agenda to get this case closed wonder why?

helensniece said...

Everytime I look at Larry Seidlin I see: C R O O K in flashing red lights even before this story hit.
He is creepy looking and I could tell he is an low grade actor and very sneaky.

I hope they burned the robes he wore cause that judicial costume is contaminated, covered with toxic waste. I hope and pray someone wakes up in Florida prosecutors office or they will look like they were fooled and manipulated by this financial predator.