Friday, November 27, 2009

Ex-Atty Facing Two Years in the Federal Pen

An Erie attorney faces about two years in federal prison for stealing nearly $200,00 from estates in his care.

Sixty-two-year-old J. Gregory Moore consented to being disbarred in Pennsylvania in July, months after the crimes surfaced.

Authorities say Moore went to the Erie County District Attorney's Office in March to announce that he had drained nearly all the money from one woman's estate. Moore's confession came during a state Disciplinary Board investigation and led the DA to refer the case to federal prosecutors, who indicted him on mail fraud.

Moore didn't explain why he stole the money when he pleaded guilty Tuesday, but has agreed to pay it back. He faces 21 to 27 months in prison under federal guidelines when he's sentenced March 8.

Erie Lawyer Faces Prison in $200K Estate Thefts


Anonymous said...

What does that mean, "consented to disbarrment"?

Why should should he be given a choice?

StandUp said...

Give him the most amount of time in jail, judge.

He can pay all the money back easily, I bet. Sell his house, sell his car, and his fancy clothes....

Anonymous said...

Another greedy lawyer down the drain!

wisernow said...

Anon wrote: What does that mean, "consented to disbarrment"?

Ah good question. I read that IF the crook agrees to disbarrment he/she can petition to get back in.

Now, we have to ask ourselves how many of these formerly disbarred lawyers are back in business with clients sniffing out more victims?