Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Evelyn Pleads For Help!

Part Three

Part Two

Part One


Diane said...

Leave her alone!! What is going on ? Whoever did this should be jailed and/or put in a nursing home themselves!

Louis said...

The woman certainly sounds competent.

What kind of railroad job did the government perform on her?


Barbara said...

You know, these people are nothing but bullies - picking on Evelyn because she's elderly and they think she can't defend herself. They are cowards!

Anonymous said...

I will pray for you, Evelyn. You are a brave lady and you are being wronged. I pray to God that you will be allowed to do what you want and they will leave you alone.

Anonymous said...

Louis is right, she sounds very competent.

I would question the comptency of the APS workers after her.

StandUp said...

I can't imagine how horrible it would feel at Evelyn's age to have everything taken away from you, including the right to make any decisions or have your wishes followed. What an awful way for her to live her final days on this earth.

How, tell me how can these people do this to Evelyn and then go home and sleep soundly?

Max said...

A full investigation of the APS office and Evelyn's case is in order.

Guardianship is supposed to be for the benefit of the ward - and in consideration of the ward's wishes.

Evelyn wants to go home. She has someone to help her.

That's what she should get.

Tami said...

It's tragic that this is happening to her and sad that this goes on all the time.

What IS remarkable is that she can get Evelyn on video. APS is always trying to isolate their victim from others because they believe they're "coached" - I didn't see any of that on these videos. Clear questions - very clear answers. She wants to go home.

It's a pity that we can't write Evelyn, send her letters and give her moral support. Tell her that we're rooting for her, to hang in there and that we're praying for the best.

Sue said...

Wake up America!

This could be you. Most folks don't give a darned if this happens to others, maybe even their own parents, BUT if this is you in the future, will that get your attention?

This is elder abuse, emotional and psychological absue on an elderly lady who wants to live in her own home.

She will lose her dignity and her rights with less rights than convicted incarcerated felons.

Now, they will drag her out, force her into a facility, she will be more upset and depressed so they will be drugging her up which leads to starvation and dehydration.

Those of us who have lost loved ones under guardianship know personaly how this racket works in the best interest of the guardian.

Mike said...

You did a great job, Evelyn. I admire you and hope and pray you will get to go home.

I am so sorry this happened to you. It's wrong, wrong, wrong.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a crying shame that Evelyn doesn't know there are people out here who care about her.

We care about her but what can we do to help her?

Storm the court?

Then, get arrested and charged?



God be with you Evelyn.

Outraged! said...

I could just spit. The nerve of these people preying on an innocent and elderly woman. The absolute nerve.

I wonder if they have any empathy or humanity in them. Judging by how they're treating Evelyn, it sure looks like they are empty shells of human beings.

SHAME on you! Show these videos to your own mothers and see what she has to say about what you're doing to Evelyn.

Stay strong Evelyn!

Anonymous said...

I hope you people aren't posting comments at the NASGA blog about a distressing video of me pleading for someone to save me from the brown shirts. USA home of the free ~ not so free are we?

Steve said...

No one deserves this inhumane treatment. I wish I could haul these people up and put bright lights on them and just make them stand there as people watch Evelyn's video.

They know they are breaking her heart and her spirit, but they don't care.

They need to let her go home and work out care for her.

Casey said...

Evelyn, we are rooting for you. Don't give up - don't let them get you down.

You have done nothing wrong. It is they who have wronged you.

You are a remarkable woman.