Thursday, January 28, 2010

Editorial: Catching Rogue Judges

Did the state's judicial watchdog agency leave hundreds of kids in jeopardy in the Luzerne County kids-for-cash scandal? And could the panel allow rogue judges to remain in power during the next scandal?

In the aftermath of the Luzerne County judicial debacle, the investigative policies of the state Judicial Conduct Board are coming under some well-warranted scrutiny.

The board's job is to prosecute rogue judges before the state's Court of Judicial Discipline, which can then recommend their discipline, including even removal from the bench.

Last week, the state's preeminent court-reform advocacy group - Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts - called on the Judicial Conduct Board to change its go-slow policy with regard to acting on certain judicial allegations.

PMC rightly challenged a Judicial Conduct Board policy under which the panel defers its own probe to an ongoing outside criminal investigation. The board says its policy is designed to assure that its inquiry doesn't derail possible criminal charges. The board reaffirmed its policy this month.

By deferring action on a 2006 tip it received about judicial corruption in the Luzerne County court, though, the Judicial Conduct Board, if nothing else, passed up a chance to come to the aid sooner of hundreds of children railroaded in an alleged $2.8 million racketeering scam run by two former judges.

Citizens watching the Luzerne County case unfold - and wondering where the next judicial scandal will emerge - have every right to demand that authorities move quickly when a sitting judge is perverting the cause of justice.

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Editorial: Catching Rogue Judges


Anonymous said...

PMC, keep on them! There is no need to "go slow." While they go slow, getting paid the entire time, I'm sure... people's lives are being stolen. Childen loose their child hood and vulnerable seniors loose their life. Keep up the good fight.

Watching said...

Yes, keep pushing. And keep the media spotlight shining bright on Luzerne County!

Barbara said...

You're so right, Anon. How many children lost their innocence, their childhood, or perhaps their early adulthood thanks to the Judicial Conduct Board sitting on the complaints?

Go Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts!

Norma said...

Thank you members of PMC's for stepping up to the plate to make a difference!

Anonymous said...

Hooray, the citizens unite against corruption!

Thelma said...

The JC Board was concerned "that its inquiry doesn't derail possible criminal charges"?

That's ridiculous!

In fact, their action should have alerted the feds to misprision of a felony!

Anonymous said...

"And could the panel allow rogue judges to remain in power during the next scandal?"

Are you kidding? It is more likely than not that every county in PA is like Luzerne County. The county I live in certainly is. And the JCB just dismisses the complaints about the judges.