Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NM Judge Suspended for Two Months Without Pay

When Gov. Bill Richardson appointed Joseph Guillory to the Doña Ana County Magistrate Court in 2006, he said Guillory’s “strong law enforcement background will serve him well.”

Guillory, a retired law-enforcement officer, is now serving a 60-day suspension without pay, which will be followed by a 12-month, supervised probationary period during which he will receive training in his “obligations and responsibilities” under the state’s Code of Judicial Conduct.

Full Article, Source and Details of Filing by Judicial Standards Commission:
Judge Suspended for Two Months Without Pay


Anonymous said...

Good! Suspend them without pay instead of will full salary.

If he is exonerated, he can be back paid.

Steve said...

I'm surprised too. Not used to seeing a judge's pay ever messed with. It's nice.