Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Can You Hear Us Now?

Cuz it’s only gonna get louder!!!

Jeremy Baker of Knee Deep sports FDT shirt in Conway, Arkansas.


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Friends For Danny Tate's Defense


Renee said...

The Friends for Danny Tate's Defense have over 2200 "friends" and growing fast!

Pass the word!

Anonymous said...

wonderful! it does me good to see so much support for danny tate. i am glad for him and i know after he is freed he will use his experience to help others.

Sue said...

COOL! Thank you Jeremy Baker!

Everyone in Nashville who believes in right vs wrong, those who believe in freedom, those who believe in justice should be involved by wearing one of these free danny tate!!! T-shirts until justice is served on the probate thugs.

WARNING: If you live in Davidson County:

We will be reading your story next as long as Judge Kennedy is in control of the bench, your life and your life savings are at risk.

You might as well hand the money over now hoping they, the guardianship mob, will just take your money and leave you free to live in the streets impoverished.

Your choice folks go along with business as usual OR step up and shout out loud: HELL NO WE WON'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

Max said...

One of Danny's growing number of friends!

Anonymous said...


jerri said...

it's great to see good people uniting for a good cause when they see a person being wronged they do something about it sure makes me feel like an american again thanks for all you're doing for danny

Norma said...

The volume just keeps getting turned up! Good going!

Anonymous said...

Glad there's so much support for Danny.