Sunday, April 11, 2010

Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Exploitation

Becky Lynn Vandal, 49, was charged with the Class A felony for allegedly getting an elderly man with dementia to give her more than $100,000.

Vandal has been accused of taking Dr. Gerd Ebel, 85, to a Wells Fargo bank on Jan. 6 to transfer $110,424.41 from a CD into her account. Ebel, who died Feb. 12, had been in the hospital from Dec. 31 to Jan. 5, when a doctor found in a neuropsychological evaluation that Ebel was not competent to make decisions due to dementia.

Vandal told officers she was aware of the doctor’s findings.

Vandal’s next court appearance is slated for May 3.

Bismarck Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult


Anonymous said...

Looks like she'd better pack her bags for a long trip to the big house.

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