Sunday, April 11, 2010

Isolated From Her Family

Dorothy Driesen, a 90 year old widowed Mother, has had her estate taken away from her by court decree and forced to reside at a nursing home that has had multiple felony accounts charged against it in 2003.

The judge took our Mother into his chamber, asked her a few questions and then declared her incompetent, fired her son as Trustee, appointed a bank to be her new Trustee and set a court appointed guardian over her. All of this happened within one days time upon the filing of court documents by the wannabe guardian and friend of the court.

After this drastic and unbelievable event in the local district court, the two sons of our Mother have been falsely accused of various things and incarcerated on three separate occasions. To add insult to injury, the two sons of our Mother and their families have not been able to visit their Mother since August of 2008.

The last call that was made from our Mother during New Years weekend in 2009 was a call of desperation in which our Mother claimed her life was in danger and she pleaded with us to get her out of this nursing facility. That is the last time that the family of our Mother has heard her voice. Mail that the family tries to send our Mother is received by the guardian and does not seem to reach or Mother.

Shortly after our Mother was incarcerated in this nursing home after the disastrous court decision, the family would attempt to visit our Mother and shortly after we would arrive, either the guardian would show up standing in the door way and demand that we leave or the town police officer would show up and demand the same.

The family of our Mother is still fighting off attacks made on us by the county court system which is bleeding us dry financially. We are currently looking to reverse the decision of the district court regarding our Mother's Irrevocable Trust and we are looking to gain a court order from Federal Court to restore our Mother's rights per the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987.

Dorothy Driesen, South Dakota Victim


StandUp said...

Isolation is a crime. Guardians who isolate are criminals!

Patti said...

I am so sorry Driesen family. I know what you're going through and it's so very wrong. I will pray for your strength through this terrible ordeal.

Judy/Judy said...

I suggest reviewing campaign contributions to the judge to see who is giving $$$, how much and why.

This is wrong, wrong, wrong and none of this is in the best interest of the ward, it's in the best interest of the probate mob.

The Judge is now the physician, evaluating people in his chambers? Then, sentencing them to life without chance of parole?

I better stop with my thoughts because I am steaming mad.

Max said...

This case exemplifies how an entire family is affected and many times destroyed by the greed of guardianship.

timlahrman said...

I honestly believe some judges are simply stupid to think they can get away with this crap ....

Someone find this family and bring them into the NASGA fold ---- maybe then justice can be served.

timlahrman said...

let me change that from "plainly stupid" to "patently stupid"

an educated professional should know their job better than this --- unless they just do not care

Tina said...

Every case this judge handles should be reviewed.

I hope this family has filed a grievance on the judge!

John said...

Campaign contributions -- yes! See if you can find out, Driesen family.

Barbara said...

You're right, StandUP, but I'll go one step further - any judge who allows isolation is also a criminal.

jerri said...

when are people going to realize the lawyers are running all over the courts?

timlahrman said...

judges can be guilty of commiting crime from the bench .... permitting isolation and needless institutionalization is in fact abuse and neglect .... sitting by idle while estate get pillfered --- aiding and abetting exploitation

no judge has jurisdiction to sanction/authorize crime from the bench. Committing crime is not a judicial function and for this no judge has immunity

Jay said...

Son Jay here,
The predators had filed yet another suit against myself as prior Trustee. Prior to trial the predators are loosing out, hands down, in the motion war at present. An idea, we run a small weekly ad like; SAVE OUR ELDERLY, in the weekly papers which directs to the our guardian abuse web site.
They have had me imprisoned for 42 days, but I well not give up.
I thank everyon for their interest.

Jay said...

I do not know how many of you have farm backgrounds but what is going on here is an attempt by a large agricultural lender to secure farm land for their would be large farmer clients through means of their "trust" department.
But we are beginning to obtain evidence from the former trial, in which our Mother lost everything, that the attorney for us actually sold us down the drain.

Watching said...

The judge should be removed from the bench for practicing medicine without a license!

Dorothy's Grandson said...

Hi All,

I have been trying to see my grandma - Dorothy since she was put into this home. Everytime we go to see her, she is very happy to see us. However, the guardian shows up 20 minutes later and tells us to leave. I've had a good and long relationship with my grandmother, however when the guardian shows up - my grandmother becomes very uneasy. I've petitioned the Dept. of Inspections and Appeals to investigate the matter. However, they told me after "investigating" my grandmother told them that she wouldn't mind seeing me and my children, but didn't think it would be best. Keep in mind that the guradian (who is recieving 100% of her estate) is a head nurse at the home where she is staying. It is very frustrating that the guardian is intimidating my grandma and keeping family away...over money.

Sue said...

This is a pattern nationwide, to keep loved ones away eventually you will be banned from visiting while your loved one does not know the truth.

They have a large bag of dirty tricks, so beware.

I hope and pray you are able to continue to visit and that you prevail in exposing the real reasons for this guardianship.

Also, please keep an eye on the NASGA blog for the real news and for updates on ongoing expolisive cases.

The perect storm is forming and that is the best news for everyone nationwide.

Anonymous said...

This is the same old same old. This is what NASGA is trying to stop.

Jay said...

Still waging a very tiring war on behalf of our Mother. We have made some gains but then suffered some set backs as of late.
A different judge has been appointed to the case and has been ruling on motions in our favor, but suddenly he started to reverse himself with no judicial reasoning. This bank and guardian are simply after the farm land and cash of our Mother. And they are doing this with a shameless face.
But the biggest mistake anyone can make is to think that there is an attorney out there who will really help you. I have had to learn to perform pro se work on my own. Drive a 18 wheeler and do pro se work from my lap top is no easy task. But our Mother is worth that and more and so I will continue andn prevail. Thank you all for the support