Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Corruption of Michael Rowe

Michael Rowe sustained a disability due to a motorcycle accident which occurred in Sept. of 1982, at the age of 16. He was hospitalized for several weeks then transferred to an intensive rehabilitation unit, where he learned to clothe and feed himself, use a wheelchair and do transfers. Gradually, he learned to walk with a walker. One side of his body is very limited. His speech is affected by the accident, but Michael learned to communicate quite effectively.

After 4 months of intensive rehabilitation, the doctors sent Mike home in the care of his mother and brother. He went to regular school. He was home for 2 years, then was transferred to a foster care boarding school, as it became more difficult for his family to care for him. His brother was the main care taker as his mother is developmentally disabled.

He lived at Shady Pines Foster Care, in Battle Creek, Michigan for the next 10 years. His court records indicate that Michael was sent home from rehab on NO medication and continued to progress for the next 12 years without medications.

Michael adapted to his disability. Family and friends described Mike as bright, happy, out-going and fun loving. Mike enjoyed school, and especially wood working class, competition wheel chair sports, bowling, swimming, and gardening. He won awards for the competitions. He liked girls and they liked him. He dated mostly non- handicapped girls. He liked going out with friends to fairs, dances and proms.

His school records are glowing with good reports, which documented Mike was groomed for independent living upon graduation and recommended for job training. It took Mike longer to get through school due to his disability, but he made it , and achieved a high school diploma! Mike was excited about getting into an apartment with some assistance with daily care. He was excited about being independent. As you know many American's with disabilities live independently successfully.

But then a horrible turn of events occurred which shattered Mike's hope of living the American dream.

In late 1995 ( nearly 14 years AFTER Mikes accident) he ended up in a rehab facility which claimed to specialize in treating persons with head injuries. Mike was lead to believe by a social worker that this move would train him for a job and independent living. But it was a trick.



Thelma said...

The Michael Rowe story spells out the greed and corruption which controls guardianship.

These things cannot occur without the knowing, willful and deliberate cooperation of the judge.

How long will the Organized Bar allow this greed and corruption to darken their already bad image?

Connie said...

Very sad story. He had such hopes, only to be duped by the greedy system.

Anonymous said...

Tragedy turned into ongoing heart breaking tragedy one has to ask who is profiting from this?

StandUp said...

This is the case where the guardian won a $10mil suit in Michael Rowe's behalf - which means Michael Rowe will never be free.

Anonymous said...

May they all rot in hell for what they did to this young man.

Anonymous said...

It's all about money...........
The shody places the government pays the medical centers doing experimentation and the courts making sure the attorneys can steal with the others predators

Sue said...

Move over Osama B make room for these people who deserve front row seats where it's hot hot hot.

Anonymous said...

Crimes against humanity comparable to Nazi Crimes done to innocnet victims. Sad people in this country have become so cold and uncaring. They turn a blind eye, or deny it is happening, just like the Holocaust. The American people need to learn history because it does repeat itself as the crimes with guardianabuse is proof. Corrupt Judges and lawyers and profiteers all ringleaders. But news media refuses to report it. Too many corrupt get a piece of the pie.