Monday, May 16, 2011

Nursing Home for Criminals Concerns Neighbors

Most of us probably think of a nursing home as a place for elderly loved ones to get the care and help they need…not a haven for criminals sponging off taxpayers. But that's what FOX 4's Becky Oliver found in a community outside of Fort Worth.

It’s a serene, tidy little neighborhood on the shores of Lake Worth with parks, lakefront homes, and cottages where families have lived for decades. But there’s a cancer in the midst of the tranquility.

“My family has lived here since 1935 and it feels like we’re in jail, you know, because of these people,” said Kerry Gallagher.

There are about 50 of “these people” at the Lake Worth Nursing Home…registered sex offenders, convicted felons, and prison parolees, some labeled violent offenders by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ).

But these are not your typical nursing home patients confined to a wheelchair or bed.

“Sick, old people are fine in there, you know. Not these young 30 or 40 year old sex offenders down there. That’s ridiculous,” said Mary Cecil, who lives just down the street from the nursing home.

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Nursing Home for Criminals Concerns Neighbors


Thelma said...

That's bad news. They really need to be in a lockup facility, like a jail with a mental ward.

StandUp said...

I couldn't believe this one! I hope the neighbors' protests get louder and louder!