Friday, August 5, 2011

Jeffrey Schend Wants Change of Venue

A former corporate guardian accused of stealing from his disabled and elderly clients wants a jury from outside Outagamie County to hear the case.

Michael Petersen, the attorney for Jeffrey M. Schend, filed a motion Wednesday in Outagamie County Court seeking a change in venue, arguing the case has generated extensive negative media coverage. Schend is charged with six felony charges of theft and one misdemeanor theft count.

Petersen's motion includes a list and descriptions of articles published in The Post-Crescent and stories that aired on Green Bay television stations. He included copies of numerous news articles as well.

"The defendant cannot get a fair, impartial jury in Outagamie County due to the large amount of negative media coverage that this case has generated," Petersen wrote. "It is clear from the above referenced media stories that this case is of great interest to the public."

Petersen's motion says "editorialized and 'rabble-rousing' media coverage" has attempted "to influence public opinion against the defendant."

He further argues that the news coverage included a number of facts — including Schend's potential penalties — that wouldn't be admissible at trial.

Schend's trial is scheduled to begin Sept. 12, which meets his demand for a speedy trial.

Last week, Petersen also filed motions asking for the case to be dismissed and for the suppression of physical evidence and any statements Schend made to authorities.

Full Article and Source:
Jeffrey Schend, the Guardian Accused of Theft, Seeks Out of County Jury


Thelma said...

"Editorial and rabble rousing"?

What a crock! The guy's a thief; doesn't matter where they try him!

Connie said...

I say give it to him and let him go down in whatever county the hearing's at.

Anonymous said...

"rabble rousing" - now that's funny!

helensniece said...

Thank you for keeping on this case. Exposure is knowledge and knowledge is powerful. Without the press, we would be in the dark where people with criminal minds want us to be uneducated and vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

why if the DA and county say they have so much evidence aganist him....why is it taking so long to bring him to court? I believe that probate and the county are hidding things. why delay after delay. what are they covering up. bring it on. lets get the truth out.

Anonymous said...

Thelma and Connie are so quick to convict. Where are all the evedince. Proven until found quilty. Let the facks come out before you pass judgement. Why are they not looking into Melissa Paradise and Lisa Tremble, who both had for access to all bank accounts.