Monday, August 1, 2011

OK County Judge Facing New Accusations

An Oklahoma County judge is facing new accusations of wrongdoing in an adoption fraud case.

Prosecutors filed five more felony counts against District Judge Tammy Bass-LeSure. Her attorney, Richard Anderson, said afterward, “This is a political witch hunt.”

The judge was charged in January with 30 counts of making a fraudulent claim against the state and two counts of perjury.

Prosecutors Tuesday added two counts of conspiracy, two counts of obtaining assistance by false representation and one count of falsifying records.

“From our research of the law and what we know of the facts, Judge Tammy Bass-LeSure has committed absolutely no crime,” her attorney said.

Anderson also said state child-welfare workers are working with prosecutors “to change the truth” in the case.

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Oklahoma County District Judge Tammy Bass-LeSure Facing New Counts in Adoption Fraud Case

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Betty said...

I think she should be off the bench.

a lawyer said...

Human Services works "change the truth" every day as business as usual. And those that don't want to "change the truth," by writing false reports, presenting perjury, and meeting with the judge in secret end up looking for a less personally beneficial job.