Friday, July 20, 2012

"Lawless America" Films Sara Harvey

A documentary film maker says he stopped in Elmira, Thursday, to as he said "Expose injustice within the Chemung County Court System and St. Joseph's Hospital".

Windsor says his film "Lawless America" is a collection of stories similar to the Harvey's aimed to expose these injustices.

Windsor said, “She's concerned with his well being. How can you be concerned with someone's well being and people outside your family take away your rights. I mean it just doesn't work.”

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Film-Maker Stops in Elmira to Expose Injustices

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Sue said...

Gary Harvey would not agree to live under the isolation, the inhumane conditions he is forced to endure.

What would Gary say if he knew his wife Sara had no rights, no rights to be his wife.

Chemung County Court System is responsible for the forced separation of husband and wife.

Sara has restricted limited supervised visits with a long list of what she can't do including how she can kiss her husband, where her hands have to be visible along with other stipulations with a guard standing guard that Sara has to pay for his or her services.

Gary is a Veteran and this is how America thanks our Veterans. Is this how America shows our appreciation for his sacrifices for his service to our country.

If only Gary knew then what is happening to him and his wife would he have been willing to serve, willing to give his life for our Country?

Sara is not a threat to Gary, she is his loyal wife, she is his voice, that is the reason she is being punished, punished for speaking out. And while Chemung County Court System is punishing Sara, they are punishing Gary.

Thank you Bill Windsor for your sacrifices and efforts to expose the truth.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to William Windsor for giving people around the country this unique opportunity!

Anonymous said...

As the abuse of the system grows, more people will stand up and take notice. I would venture to guess that there are fewer corrupt family members and less money spent / lost within the families compared to the legal raping of our elders by the lawyers, guardians and conservators and their amigos they hire once the foxes are guarding the hen house so to speak.

It is the greatest generation our fathers and mothers that need protection from the corrupt system.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Windsor, and all brave victims, who are working to expose this national travesty. The story is the same across the nation: greedy judges, attys, nurses, owners of guardianship and care management companies, etc, enter false information into court about family members or they deceive wards to be chosen as guardian in an order to be named guardian. Wards are then isolated from concerned family members, and the estates are depleted by the crooks.

In Cook County (Chicago), the crooks frequently abuse OBRA Special Needs Pooled Trusts, place the wards on public aid, and then drain the estate with their fees. The taxpayers then foot the blll for the nursing home, while the crooks take the money for their own special needs.

Certain for-profit nursing home owner are benefitting from this OBRA abuse as well. There appears to be a pipeline from the courthouse to their public aid nursing homes.

Many people cannot come forward and publicly tell their stories, for fear their loved one will be retaliated against. But, they can report crimes to the apprpriate agencies.

Visit and

We invite media coverage and all investigators. The elderly and the young disabled are being victimized. This game needs to come to an end, and people need to be placed behind bars.

Thelma said...

Bill Windsor is doing a great deed to society. These stories must be told. Here, we have forced divorce by presumption - no evidence!

Barbara said...

Sara is such a brave champion for her husband. Thank you, Lawless Amercia, for giving her the opportunity to be heard. The national public will be outraged when this film comes out and Chemung County and St. Joseph's Hospital will be exposed.


Anon in Cook County is correct there is a pipeline with many legs lined with cash. The objective is to establish a guardianship case asap even if that means providing false information, hearsay gossip, outrageous allegations, whatever it takes to seize person and estate then the billing party begins.

Temporary Guardianships are being abused, increasing at an alarming rate when there is NO emergency situation. This is a major industry for profit while some of the guardianship services are claiming to be 'non profit' there is no such thing as 'non profit' in the protection industry. I could write volumes on their trick bags. When a family member is fortunate enough to get a legislator to listen, the response is almost always surprise - oh my gosh - and then the legislator concludes that this is an ISOLATED CASE.

QUESTION: How many ISOLATED CASES does it take to show there are numerous cases, with serious problems?

The GAO GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABILITY OFFICE reports are clear and they only investigated cases where the subject the ward was over 65 years of age, closed cases thereby eliminating a very large number of cases that demand investigation.

Closed case: Ward is deceased or the victim is a surviving former ward. Almost all former wards are left damaged, destitute, homeless, all their property sold (and that's another area for scrutiny much dirty dealings in the real estate area).

In addition, the last GAO investigative project did not advertise or promote to the general public a request for cases to be considered. If they had, the response would have been overwhelming taking years to complete.

Anonymous said...

I observed a case in Cook County IL.....a very nice niece needed to place her uncle into a nursing home, and she told the judge that her uncle did not want to go. An attorney named Amy stepped up, and said to the judge "Your honor, this is truly a contested case, and the Cook County Public Guardian would like to step in as guardian".

Fortunately for the old man, the judge said, "Not so fast, Amy, just because someone wants to stay at home, it does not mean this is a contested case"' and she denied the public guardian a new client that morning.

Unfortunately for many other wards, not all judges in the Daley Center do the right thing. Rather, they allow their favorite attorneys to spin cases out of control, allow them to deceive wards by telling them they will place the ward in a better place, and then they rack up astronomical attorneys fees, until finally family members either are removed due to the lies of the attorneys, or they step down thinking this will somehow help the situation. Then the court-favored crooks move in, and the real financial abuse begins.

a review of publicnrecordsmshows that the Public Guardian places the majority of their wards' estates into OBRA accounts, and the wards are placed into undesirable public aid nursing homes. The estates are then depleted with attorneys' fees and guardians' fees, "for the benefit of the ward". Yeah, right.

When will these people be arrested?

thank you, Bill Windsor, for your media attention to bring these crimes to light. My heart goes out to Sara Harvey and her husband.I do understand what you are going through.

Anonymous said...

God Bless you Sara and Gary.

".... to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part."

in sickness and in health ..... until death do us part now what part of the traditional wedding vows don't they get?

Til death do us P A R T oh unless there is a conservator or guardian? Do we need to demand these words be included in all future marriage vows?

Where is the Catholic Church on this?

Isn't St Joseph's a Catholic Hospital? Yet they allow this forced separation of husband and wife?

Shame shame shame on you and I hope K A R M A comes your way to each and every person involved in this casse from day one.

Anonymous said...

We are expecting "Lawless America" to come to the the West Coast,and expose the Oregon,Washington and California "Officers of the Courts", who seem to believe, they have the ultimate power to deprive victims, (and their families) of guardianship, Conservatorship, and the use of illegal trusts, of their rights to self-determination. It follows local practices, which defy the Constitution of the United States and its Amendments of Civil Rights, and the power to sue those who violate the laws of the State, as well as the Constitution of the United States of America.
We are all possible victims, unlesss judicial reform is made, and oversight is mandated. eb

Linda Kincaid, MPH said...

So many victims are imprisoned and isolated by abusive guardians. In California, there is no accountability for public guardians and very little accountability for private conservators. They bleed their conservatees' estates, while the conservatees wither away from neglect.

Mark said...

What a perfect case for Lawless America! Gary Harvey's court-appointed protectors have kept him in near total isolation since 2009 and claim they're taking care of him? What a laugh. Isolation is ABUSE, Chemung County. And if you don't believe it, offer yourself up to share Gary Harvey's room with him for just one month and see if your arrogant tune changes.

Dianna said...

WOW! I think this is just the best news I've heard in a long time.

Chemung County and St. Joseph's Hospital had their chance to do right by Gary abnd Sara Harvey, but noooooooo, they were riding too high.

What's the old saying, "the higher they are, the harder they fall"?

I can't wait for this film to come out and I wish I could see the looks on the faces of all those who have abused the Harvey family or sat silently while others abused them.

All you wrongdoers needed was a little bit of compassion and you didn't even have that.

Karma wins again!

Hannah said...

Thelma said "divorced by presumption" - what an interesting concept.

The Catholic Church santifies marriage and yet St. Joseph's Hospital (a Catholic hospital) participates in virtually divorcing Gary and Sara Harvey, against their will.


Connie said...

Thank you Mr. Windsor on behalf of the many other victims who have followed Gary Harvey's story.

We have been sickened by the treatment Gary Harvey is forced to endure every day, alone, with his wife prohibited to visit him.

How can people be so cruel to human beings?

Anonymous said...

I just saw where the article made front page news!

Anonymous said...

I know how the corrupt courts and system work all to well.

Taking guardianship away from a wife is down right evil especially when they make her pay for hiw care while they also pay their worthless fees.

Gary said...

Did you see the back ground picture? the bedsores and the Judge thinks that is OK? Kevin Moshier thinks that is OK? the guardian thinks that is OK? Bedsores can be prevented.

Sara said...

Wonder why not one of my husband's so-called protectors, Kevin Moshier Esq. for Gary , Linda Daino and part time employee of SJH designated APS case worker, Deretha Watterson The appointed "Guardian", Rita Gould the designated "retired" now guardian frpm APS, Anthony Cooper CEO St. Joseph'sd Hospital, nor the County attorneys Donald Thomson or Bryan Maggs who are employed by the Davidson & O'Mara Law Firm who contracts with the county and clients of the hospital, guardian DSS, APS and the doctor wanted to be in this movie?