Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How public guardian's fees added up to $13,726 in 6 months

Jeanan Mills Stuart was approved to collect $13,726 in the case of one of her wards over six months of work. The information below, based on a fee affidavit filed in court, show how costs add up for telephone calls, reviewing bank statements and receiving and making short calls on behalf of her ward.

She billed for 69.6 hours of work at $197.22 per hour.


$295.83 — Trip to nursing home to check on client, 1.5 hours

$19.72 — Telephone call re therapy, 0.1 hours


$19.72 — Review bank statement, 0.1 hours


$59.16 — Compute cost to move ward and draft reimbursement letter, 0.3 hours

$19.72 — Review ward’s bank statement, 0.1 hours


$59.16 — Review nursing home bills, telephone call to nursing home, draft letter, 0.3 hours

$19.72 — Telephone call from ward, 0.1 hours

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How public guardian's fees added up to $13,726 in 6 months


Karen said...

Looks like Jeanan Stuart is a professional biller~

B Inberg said...

No job too small for that kind of billing I would be digging holes with my fingers for how much an hour?

Nice gig Stuart I hope you end up being conserved by a person as compassionate as you. KARMA!

jerri said...

i'm in the wrong line of labor market i need to redirect myself where the easy sure money is billing approved with big opportunity to sort of double dip you know some errors on over billing so easy no haggling with clients to kick up the bucks no sireeee just write yourself a big check and submit my next case billing for approval but if i go this route i would have to break all the mirrors in my modest abode cause i could not look at myself in those mirrors in the same way although i could drape the broken mirros in something shiny like gold or silver to distract my inner conscience knowing my wards will be flat broke at this rate and the chump working class taxpayers will be supporting my thank you very much grand lifestyle if this is the new american way to hit the lotto its time for me and my pets to take a roadtrip to the end of our nation for an ocean trip to our new destination

Thelma said...

Big billers for small services are not uncommon in the Protection Racket!

Sylvia said...

Thanks to the Tennessean and Wally Roche for their hard work and efforts all the the good of society. With deep appreciation.

StandUp said...

I bet Jeanan Stuart's feeling the heat. Thanks The Tennessean and NASGA.

Great reporting!