Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mickey Rooney Stepson Settles Elder Abuse Suit FOR MILLIONS

Mickey Rooney's stepson now concedes he owes the famed actor $2.8 million for allegedly siphoning off a ton of money from Mickey's financial accounts, but there's a GIGANTIC catch.

Christopher Aber and his wife, Christina, have just settled with Mickey's conservators, after allegations they played funny with Mickey's money.  There were also allegations the couple deprived Mickey of food, meds, and even blocked him from leaving his home.

The whole thing escalated when the 93-year-old actor testified before Congress on elder abuse.

So now Christopher and Christina -- who have declared bankruptcy -- have folded.  So how, you ask, can Mickey get $2.8 mil?  Well under the settlement, Christopher and Christina have a homeowner's insurance policy that arguably covers this type of wrongdoing.  So Mickey's lawyers think they can use the settlement to go after the insurance company and get their dough.

Here's the rub.  The insurance company has already made it clear ... it's not paying anything because the alleged abuses were intentional, and that's not covered under the policy.

So Mickey's lawyers are now going to sue the insurance company and demand not only the $2.8 mil but also punitive damages for bad faith denial of coverage.           

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Mickey Rooney Stepson Settles Elder Abuse Suit FOR MILLIONS

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Thelma said...

Bad-faith denial of coverage!
Well, that should turn a lot of people on.

StandUp said...

Of course the insurance company wouldn't pay. Now what?

Tara said...

Poor Mickey, he's just feeding the lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Why should the insurance company pay?? All that does is end up costing the rest of us money -- that's why insurance rates are so damned high!!!! And meanwhile, Mickey's attorneys are getting fat and happy on all this BS!!! I wonder how much money Mickey, who is the one who actually EARNED the money, is going to actually GET???