Thursday, November 7, 2013

Linda Kincaid Reports - Elder abuse at Senior Paradise: Unlawful confinement and isolation

Senior Paradise or senior prison? The residential care facility advertises,
"Del Rey Oaks Senior Paradise is a new kind of living experience!"
For Margarita Zelada, that living experience does not include her family or friends. She is locked inside and not allowed visitors.

Family says phone calls are often restricted. Visitors for Margarita are denied entry into the facility. Staff threaten to call police when advocates request to to check on Margarita.

Around noon on October 20, 2013, elder advocates Dr. Robert Fettgather and Linda Kincaid attempted to visit Margarita Zelada at Del Rey Oaks Senior Paradise. Fettgather and Kincaid arrived with flowers, strawberries, and chocolate.
  • Senior Paradise had doors locked (with three locks) in violation of 22 CCR 87468(a)(6).
  • Margarita was not allowed to leave the building, which is a violation of 22 CCR 87468(a)(6).
  • Administrators Margaret Eldred Camara and Judith Pardo-Soto stated that Margarita is not allowed any visitors without approval from Deputy Public Guardian Jennifer Empasis, which is a violation of 22 CCR 87468(a)(11). Empasis instructed the administrators to call police if anyone asked to visit Margarita.
  • Margarita’s relatives state that phone calls to Margarita are often blocked, which is a violation of 22 CCR 87468(a)(14).
Advocates were not allowed to conduct a welfare check or determine whether Margarita receives adequate care. Flagrant violation of personal rights leads advocates to wonder what sort of conditions are hidden behind locked doors.

Full Article and Source:
Elder abuse at Senior Paradise: Unlawful confinement and isolation


Thelma said...

So what good is having law on the books if it's not enforced?

Betty said...

Isolating without a court order should be considered a criminal action!

Sylvia said...

Thank you Linda Kincaid for giving the silenced a voice – demanding this known tactic of punishment and torture end, STOP now.

The pattern of ISOLATION as common procedure is epidemic a national pattern of operation.

Isolation along with restricted visitation is abusive treatment of any human being.

Isolation to a senior citizen is elder abuse causing harm and in some cases the loss of persons from their pre-guardianship life causes major depression and illnesses, leading to a miserable hopeless feeling about life.

Many of our seniors are dying alone and afraid leaving this earth wondering why they were forgotten and abandoned.

Do you think for one minute that the Guardian or Conservator tells the WARD why?

Do you think for one minute that the ones in control of the WARD are truthful and honest?

Lilly said...

The guardian should be removed and the facility fined. Then they'd think twice before doing this to someone else!