Saturday, November 9, 2013

Linda Kincaid Reports: Elder Abuse by Monterey County Public Guardian: Man Threatened and Left Homeless

Jim Kramer (67) suffered a stroke on November 5, 2013. Friend and former landlady Patricia Conklin believes the stroke was caused in part by harassment and elder abuse by Deputy Public Guardian Jennifer Empasis.

Kramer and Conklin shared a house in the coastal community of Pacific Grove. The quiet and gentle handyman was semi-retired, working part-time for Comcast. He had a modest but comfortable lifestyle.

On March 25, 2013, Kramer’s life changed forever. According to Kramer, Empasis entered his home and ordered him to leave. Empasis allowed Kramer just thirty minutes to collect his belongings and vacate the property. She threatened that Kramer would be arrested if he returned.

Kramer said his rent was paid. He was never served with eviction papers. Kramer is not aware of any action that gave Empasis authority to seize the home or order him into the street.

Neighbor Tara Robinson was also present when Empasis ordered Kramer from his home. Robinson said Empasis accused her of being a squatter and ordered her off the property as well.

Full Article and Source:
Elder Abuse by Monterey County Public Guardian: Man Threatened and Left Homeless

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StandUp said...

Collateral damage.

Norma said...

Thank you Linda for all you do. You are a godsend!

Jamie said...

The absolute arrogance of this guardian is appalling!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why this woman has not been fired. Sounds like she has real control issues.

Anonymous said...

What country is this? USA? Can't be home of the free? Free until the county guardian's aka PiG's come knocking down your doors. If this doesn't stop our children will be reading our stories on NASGA blog - better get our exit plans ready for execution I would rather BURN BABY BURN everything I own and my piles of CASH that's the $$$$$ PiG's rather than have these PiG's the public guardians and G's for profit even look at me - it would be a double barrel hello there blast as my answer I'd rather go to prison than be a ward of any sorry the state. Get it folks?

Rocky said...

When uou unscramble the words guardian abuse it spells the words:
F E C A L M A T T E R!!!

Thank you NASGA and Linda for fighting this huge goliath. It sure seems the laws in California are less strict regarding some basic rights of the wards compared to Florida. In this state, TOTAL ISOLATION; no phone calls, no mail, no visitors, is often the case. I've been grieving for 15 months 24/7 to not have ANY contact whatsoever with my loved one. Nor her with me. The pain is so great, I'm seeking professional help to keep myself together. It's worse than if she had just died, because in death, there is closure. My friend is just a phone call away. Yet, if I try to call, I'm threatened with arrest. The hardest part is knowing that her nightmare is worse than mine. I'm carefully working on this though, so soon, and with the help of I-Team, NASGA, and individuals like yourself, I hope to blow this monsterous scandal out of the water
and see justice prevail. Reading and writing comments helps me to maintain a thread of hope as well, because at least I feel less alone under these very difficult circumstances. We are all soldiers fighting one of the biggest battles of human rights violations occuring in every state in America at this time. We can NOT STOP until we win.

Anonymous said...