Saturday, November 30, 2013

Linda Kincaid Reports: Monterey Counsel and Public Guardian Strip Woman of Constitutional Rights

There is no joy or thanksgiving for  Margarita Zelade this holiday season. Margarita is confined and isolated by order of Deputy Public Guardian  Jennifer Empasis. Empasis allows Margarita no contact with loved ones or advocates.

Since March 25, 2013, Empasis kept Margarita in false imprisonment and isolated from contact with her only child. After violating Margarita’s right to visitation for seven months, Senior Deputy Public Guardian Teri Scarlett allowed Margarita three one-hour visits with daughter Patricia Conklin.

On October 31, November 7, and November 15, Margarita was brought to an outdoor location where she sat near a noisy road that made conversation difficult. At least two guards were present at each visit. They often interrupted the conversation, barking orders at Patricia.

During those brief visits, Margarita clung to Patricia sobbing and begging for her liberty.
'The most important thing for any person is their liberty. I want my liberty. I am in prison.'
Margarita repeatedly asked Patricia why they were separated. Patricia explained that she had been in jail, accused of abusing Margarita. Margarita responded:
'They lie. They lie!
They are thieves and liars.'
Full Article and Source:
Monterey County Counsel and Public Guardian Strip Woman of Constitutional Rights


Anonymous said...

Margarita Zelada speaks for so many whose life has been taken in a hostile takeover.

helensniece said...

N A T I O N A L disgrace. Shame shame shame on you!

All in the best interests of the protection industry for profit and/or job security.

Thank you Ms. Kincaid and NASGA for your ongoing efforts advocating for those who have been wrongfully isolated and silenced.

Jean said...

I have not seen my mother for months per the order of the public guardian. I know how Mrs. Zeladda feels. What are they telling my mother? Are they telling her I just don't come and visit or that I've abandoned her? It haunts me continuously.

Ms Kincaid: thank you for all you're doing to combat this terrible abuse of power. You are an inspiration.

Mary said...

Thank you for the update. I am praying for Margarita Zelada and am thankful NASGA is following this case.

No Mother should be separated from her daughter.

Nancy said...

Not letting this elderly woman see her child is torture. There's no other word for it. Every mother wants to see and visit with her child. The public guardian should be busy arranging visits instead of isolating the mother.

Thanks Linda for all you do.

Kathleen said...

This ABUSE must STOP! This guardian is a criminal and so is the judge for letting it happen. Praying for Margarita and her family.