Monday, July 27, 2015

Peter Falk Bill Coming to Utah

(KUTV) A Peter Falk bill is coming to the Utah Legislature.

Actor Peter Falk played Columbo, a rumpled detective, who was smarter than he appeared, and was one of the most popular characters ever on television.

Falk’s daughter Catherine Falk is now touring states asking for legal changes that would allow children to visit their parents in the hospital or a care facility.

“When my father was very sick, my sister and I weren’t given access. We couldn’t see him,” Catherine Falk said. Peter Falk suffered from Alzheimer’s and died in 2011. His second wife kept his children from him in his last illness. “It was his last days, and you just want to spend time with your father,” Catherine Falk said.

She is travelling from state to state asking for a streamlined legal process that would allow children to visit their parents.

“I’ve met with people in Utah who had the same problem,” says Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross. Weiler will sponsor a “Peter Falk” bill in the 2016 Utah legislative session.

Catherine Falk says such bills are already pending in New York, New Jersey and Arizona.

Source: Peter Falk Bill Coming to Utah

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Betty said...

Go Catherine Falk! Every state needs this law.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news and a great achievement!

Finny said...

Good news for the whole country. Thank you, Catherine Falk, and NASGA!

Anonymous said...

This is an epidemic problem and when this kind of problem was brought to the DA's office in New Mexico, they said they were so over whelmed and throw you to the court system. This is not the answer as the Judges are collluded with the attorneys that this video refers you to.

Please research the ABQ Journal and find that the Judges like Brickhouse is just as corrupt as the lawyers in playing a role at exploiting the elderly and preventing families from seeing their loved ones.

Do not go to the court system for help or an atty, or you can kiss every last dime you have good bye.

ABQ Advocates, Barbara Buck, Mary Glavez Geriatric Care Management Servicews, Martha Brown Gericatric Care Sercvices and her ancillary companies Silver Runner and Go-Fors all need to be called out for their colluded roles with the elderly.

Darryl Millet in the role as Trustee violates every Uniform Trust Code and New Mexico Statutes requirements of responsibilities that are to be carried out, and exploits the Trusts of the clients he represents himself.

Be aware of these people and stay away from the above company's that keep each other in the loop and feed each other business as they go to court to take away any and all your rights.

Mike said...

Thank you Catherine Falk!

Anonymous said...

I second everything Anonymous above said about New Mexican lawyers, especially Darryl Millet and his firm, Albuquerque Advocates. Beware, Be Aware, or Be There! stuck under guardianship and the complete control of a mentally depraved human being who is incapable of empathizing with another living creature and shows serious signs of psychotic behavior. It is assumed the judges all share in Millet's stolen funds and properties he sells for pennies on the dollar to insiders who profit handsomely, because not a single judge ever stops Millet from abusing and in many cases financially and emotionally destroying the people the Court has put under Millet's complete control & domination.